Special thanks to Morganfield's for extending this food review invitation.

Morganfield's, home of Sticky Bones, is one of the best places to savor barbecued pork. The restaurant chain is inspired by scrumptious pork ribs of the American Midwest. At present, Morganfield's has more than a dozen locations in major shopping malls across Malaysia and abroad. Today's lunch lands us at Morganfield's outlet in Sunway Pyramid.
The dining section of Morganfield's is combination of a family restaurant, a drinking establishment and a sports bar. To present a homely appearance, the restaurant is designed with wooden panels over red brick walls. Wooden tables and chairs provide the right setting for casual dining. Diners who prefer to bask in natural light can also opt to be seated outside the restaurant's main entrance.
The Carnivore (RM179.90) is crafted to feed the most devoted meat-eaters that has ever roamed the face of this planet. This sharing platter consists of pork ribs, chicken, sausages, corn bread, grilled corn on the cob, garden salad and French fries. The Carnivore is the best option to satiate everyone's endless craving for meats, especially those from the swine.
Hickory Wood-Smoked Ribs, or "Sticky Bones" in Morganfield's parlance, is the bestselling food here. Served as part of this platter is a full slab of succulent spare ribs - roughly 11 bones in total. There are 4 flavors to choose from: Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs, Smoked Peppercorn Spare Ribs and The Naughty Spare Ribs. Today's choice is the Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, which is Morganfield's signature recipe.
The slab of spare ribs is basted with sweet-tangy Hickory BBQ sauce, and then smoked with hickory to impart the wood's distinctive flavor. Cooked to perfection, the flesh remains fairly tender and juicy. In fact, pork peels off the bones almost effortlessly. Delectable to the last morsel, there is no shame in getting your fingers sticky while indulging these bad boys.
As for chicken, The Carnivore includes a half-bird portion of either Herb Roasted Chicken or Tequila Spiked Chicken; we are having the former today. Mushroom gravy is served on the side. All in all, I feel that the chicken can benefit from a stronger marinade as the center is quite bland.
The platter includes 2 types of pork sausages: Herby Hog and Spicy Devil. Stuffed with premium ground pork, the sausages are grilled to perfection. I particularly enjoy the Spicy Devil sausage as it presents a tantalizing twist of spiciness in the mouth.
Homemade cornbread muffins serve as carbohydrates. Compared to regular wheat muffins, they are noticeable rougher in texture. Meanwhile, sweet corn kernels punctuate the muffins sporadically. Also included are 3 pieces of grilled corn on the cob, glazed with garlic butter and gently grilled such that the kernels remain fairly juicy.
The meat-heavy platter is somewhat balanced with a serving of fresh garden salad. Comprising of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onions, corn kernels and croutons, the garden salad goes reasonably well with Morgan's house dressing. Meanwhile, I feel that the serving of French fries is saltier than it ought to be.
Moving on, Morganfield's limited time Glamb Burger (RM34.90) consists of a 160-gram chargrilled lamb patty glazed with Jack Daniel's barbecue sauce. Seasoned to perfection, the patty's sharp pungency makes this lamb burger gratifying to the last bite.
Other ingredients in the Glamb Burger are crispy pork bacon, caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheddar cheese. Sandwiched between two halves of a sesame bun, the burger stack is held place with a steak knife. Side dishes are coleslaw and sweet potato fries. This promotional burger is offered until 30 September 2017, so hurry if you do not want to miss this delectable treat.
Morganfield's bar is where cocktails, mocktails and shooters are prepared. For staunch drinkers, the bar stocks a reasonable collection of spirits and wines. In addition, Morganfield's also serves draught beers such as Connor's, Kronenbourg and Hoegaarden.
Waikiki (RM14.90) is named after the popular Hawaiian beach. Served chilled, the drink is a blend of pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup, milk and ice. Also included are tangy chunks of pineapples. Blue Curaçao at the bottom provides an alluring bluish hue for aesthetic appeal.
Sizzling Mango Iced Tea (RM14.90) is a glass of mango-flavored sweet tea. The most distinctive feature of this drink is a whole chili pepper dipped into the drink. Fortunately for me, the tea is not as spicy as it appears because chili seeds have been removed from the fruit.
From the same promotional menu as Glamb Burger comes Pineapple Lemonade (RM15.90), a mocktail with a tropical twist. Made from lemon-flavored soda, sweet and sour mix, diced pineapple and agave syrup, the drink is an effective thirst quencher. Similar to Piña colada, the Pineapple Lemonade is garnished with a pineapple wedge and a pineapple leaf.
Raisin Cooler (RM16.90) is another carbonated drink flavored with Monin wild grape syrup. Suspended in the drink are mashed red and white grapes that lend their fruity sweetness. There are two straws in the glass; ostensibly one for stirring and another for drinking.
Overall, Morganfield's is one of the best places to enjoy barbecued pork ribs. Food portions are enormous to ensure that each customer's stomach is filled to the brim. The sharing platters also allow larger parties to savor more types of food in one go. Meanwhile, the drinking crowd should be satisfied with the wide range of alcoholic beverages that Morganfield's has to offer.
Name: Morganfield's
Address: OB.K8, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 03-5612-9028
Business hours: 11:00am-1:00am
Coordinates: 3.07325 N, 101.60843 E
Directions: Morganfield's is located at the northeastern corner of Sunway Pyramid. The mall provides multilevel parking.

Ah Mah

Special thanks to Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake for extending this food review invitation.

Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake (阿嬷老字号古早味现烤鸡蛋糕) has taken Klang Valley's F&B landscape by storm lately. Currently, there are nearly 30 outlets in Malaysia including the one at Sunway Giza Mall. Ah Mah's cakes are inspired by Castella sponge cake from Tamsui (淡水) in Taiwan, which is in turn derived from a Castilian cake called Pão de Castela. This is not surprising as Tamsui was a former Spanish settlement in the 17th century.
Ah Mah's recipe has been adapted to suit the local Malaysian palate. The bakery uses natural ingredients only; no coloring or artificial preservatives are added. Its main ingredients are eggs, milk, flour, canola oil and sugar. Water is not added to the batter, so the cake's moisture comes from eggs and milk only. It is also interesting to note that no pork or lard is used. In fact, most cakes are suitable for ovo-lacto vegetarians.
As freshness is key to the cakes' appeal, Ah Mah produces new batches throughout the day. The cakes are baked in a convection oven for around 90 minutes (depending on flavor). Once done, the parchment paper is removed and each batch is cut into 8 equal pieces.
The Original Egg Sponge Cake (原味鸡蛋糕, RM13.00) is very fluffy especially when the cake is fresh from the oven. Ah Mah's cake is much lighter than regular sponge cake. In fact, its softness is very similar to that of chiffon cake. Sweetness is kept minimal in order to draw attention to the taste of eggs.
Next, the Cheese Egg Sponge Cake (起司鸡蛋糕, RM18.00) is similar to the Original version but has layers of molten cheddar cheese inside. In addition, the cake is showered with heavy sprinkles of parmesan cheese. Unlike the Original flavor, the Cheese version tastes better when chilled.
New and seasonal flavors are introduced from time to time. The Chocolate Egg Sponge Cake (巧克力鸡蛋糕, RM18.00) is the most recent addition to Ah Mah's menu. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate provide this cake's appealing color. The cake is also intermittently punctuated by chocolate chips. I feel that the cake's chocolate aroma is at the zenith when it is still fresh from the oven.
Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake has been selling like hot cakes (pun intended) recently. Not only are the cakes great as snacks, they also serve as presentable gifts. Most of Ah Mah's outlets are concentrated in Klang Valley, but the brand has been expanding its presence in other cities nationwide.
Name: Ah Mah Traditional Homemade Egg Sponge Cake (阿嬷老字号古早味现烤鸡蛋糕)
Address: Sunway Giza Mall, 2, Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 03-7620-1477
Business hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
Coordinates: 3.15091 N, 101.59130 E
Directions: Ah Mah is located at Sunway Giza Mall, right next to Baskin-Robbins. There are parking spaces at the Basement Level of the mall. In addition, there are also street parking spaces along nearby roads.

The Ais

Special thanks to The Ais for extending this food review invitation.

The Ais is a supplier of homemade ice cream to several local restaurants around Penang. It used to operate from a kiosk inside ie Organic at Pulau Tikus. Several months ago, The Ais moved to this modest shop at Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia).
While the ground floor has only several small tables, there is substantially more dining space upstairs. The walls of the upper floor are decorated with colorful paintings - amateur artwork of the proprietor's daughter. By the way, use caution when ascending the flight of chairs because it is quite steep.
Ice cream is sold in single scoop (RM6.90) or double scoops (RM12.90) portions. Several flavors are considered premium due to higher cost of ingredients; these premium flavors cost RM8.90 and RM14.40 respectively. Customers can also opt for a waffle cone for RM1.50 more. Ice cream is also sold by the pint - at RM29.00 and RM32.00 for regular and premium flavors respectively.

As for dine-in customers who prefer something more filling, go for a serving of Double & Waffle (RM15.90). These Belgian waffles come with 2 scoops of ice cream. Premium flavors only cost RM1.50 more, which I highly recommend that you go for.
The waffles appear dry when eaten directly, but they land on a sweet spot when consumed with ice cream. The dish is garnished with granola, dried cranberries, raisins, marshmallow and icing sugar. The actual presentation varies by the choice of ice cream flavors.

Avocado is one of the few ice cream flavors that contain neither milk nor eggs, making it ideal for vegans. This flavor takes full advantage of avocado's natural creaminess. Made from Australian avocados, it is one of The Ais' premium flavors. For a limited time, a pint of Avocado ice cream is priced at RM26.00, which makes it even cheaper than regular flavors.
I am also fascinated by Redwine Cranberry, which is another premium ice cream flavor. Alcohol actually lowers the melting point of ice cream, making the preparation process quite tricky. I love the soothing coolness that the ice cream bestows upon the tongue, as well as red wine's bitter-sweet aftertaste that follows. This flavor is recommended for people who enjoy alcoholic ice cream.
Snow Bath (RM10.90) is presented as a small cup of kefir with a scoop of Snow White ice cream on top. Made from sorghum wine (高粱酒), the distinctive taste and aroma of the ice cream is tantalizing instead.
Meanwhile, kefir is a fermented milk drink. The culture, which is produced in-house, consists of a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Lactose in milk is mostly broken down to lactic acid and ethanol. This makes kefir is a good milk substitute for people with lactose intolerance.

The Ais has more than 40 different ice cream flavors in its recipe book. To maintain freshness, only 16 flavors are prepared at any given time. In addition to those introduced earlier, other bestselling flavors are Matcha Oreo, Horlicks Kit Kat, Charcoal Cheese, Seasalt Caramel and Rum & Raisin. Occasionally, there are also seasonal flavors like Durian.
The Ais believes in giving a helping hand to those in need. A substantial amount of the eatery's proceeds is donated to an orphanage in Thailand.

Name: The Ais
Address: 473, Lebuh Chulia, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-261-0427
Business hours: 2:00pm-10:00pm (Sunday-Thursday), 2:00pm-11:00pm (Friday-Saturday), closed on Mondays
Coordinates: 5.41955 N, 100.33339 E
Directions: From Penang Road (Jalan Penang), turn onto Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia). The Ais is approximately 100 meters on the right. Street parking is available along Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) and Leith Street (Lebuh Leith). There is also a private parking lot next to The Ais.

Heng Kei

Special thanks to Heng Kei Homemade Wan Tan Mee & Pan Mee for extending this food review invitation.

Pasar Pulau Tikus (浮罗池滑巴刹) is a popular hawker center in the evening. One of the roadside stalls here is Heng Kei Homemade Wan Tan Mee & Pan Mee (卿记自制云吞面板面). This family business has been operating for more than 40 years.
One of Heng Kei's signature dishes is Wan Tan Mee (云吞面, RM4.50). Wonton (云吞) is the key ingredient here. These boiled dumplings are filled with minced pork and is quite delectable. Char siu (叉烧) also places a crucial role in overall taste. The thin slices of barbecued pork provide a certain degree of chewiness.
Meanwhile, homemade egg noodle is blanched briefly so that it remains springy. However, I feel that the seasoning is too sweet for me. Pickled chili is acceptable but the juiciness can be improved. Soup is provided upon request. This serving is the small size; medium and large portions are available for RM5.50 and RM6.00 respectively.
Claypot Noodle With Deep-Fried Fish & Egg (炸鱼砂煲伊面, RM6.50) is also popular at Heng Kei. The soup is prepared by stewing pork bones, anchovies, sugar cane and seasonings for nearly 3 hours. Served in a claypot, the tasty soup is compatible with chewy texture of yi mein (伊面).
Fried fish uses the flesh of snapper from Vietnam. Meanwhile, the scrumptious dumpling (水饺) is made from shrimps, pork, jicama (芒光) and carrots. Egg, choy sum (菜心), fried garlic and pork lard (猪油渣) are included in this dish too.
Heng Kei's menu also includes Curry Chicken Wan Tan Mee (咖哩鸡云吞面, RM6.00), Mee Hoon Soup With Deep-Dried Fish (炸鱼米粉清汤, RM6.50), Dry Hor Fun (干捞河粉, RM4.50) and several other noodle dishes. This family business also operates a daytime stall at New World Park from 8:00am to 6:00pm every day.
Name: Heng Kei Homemade Wan Tan Mee & Pan Mee (卿记自制云吞面板面)
Address: Jalan Pasar, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 011-1109-2282
Business hours: 5:30pm-11:00pm
Website: N/A
Coordinates: 5.43036 N, 100.31191 E
Directions: Driving northbound along Cantonment Road (Jalan Cantonment), turn right to Jalan Pasar. Pasar Pulau Tikus (浮罗池滑巴刹) is located immediately on the left. Heng Kei is one of the stalls next to the road. Street parking is available along Jalan Pasar and Jalan Moulmein, but parking spaces may be limited during certain hours.


Special thanks to J-dog House & Cafe for extending this food review invitation.

J-dog House & Cafe is a restaurant on the second floor of Arena Curve, Bayan Baru. The shop faces D'Piazza Mall and is within a short walking distance from Olive Tree Hotel and SPICE Arena.
This pet themed eatery combines a standard café with a petting zoo. The proprietor has several pet dogs that attracted celebrity interest. He started this business in early 2016 to allow fans to meet his dogs on regular basis. The main dining section is dog-free, but customers who are seated here can still view the petting zoo through windows on the side.
Let's start the review with food and then move on to canine. For appetizers, the bowl of Mushroom Soup (RM9.90) is prepared from actual mushrooms; not from powder or cans.
Chicken Caesar Salad (RM15.90) is dressed in sweet-tangy barbecue sauce. Grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes and fried eggs are served over a bed of Romaine lettuce. Meanwhile, Mushroom Carbonara (RM21.90) relies on creamy carbonara sauce to bring spaghetti, shiitake mushrooms and shimeji mushrooms together.
As for poultry, Chicken Chop (RM18.90) centers on a piece of deep-fried chicken chop with Hainanese sauce. The gravy also contains carrot and potato cubes. Curly fries and vegetables are presented on the side.
Meanwhile, Pan Fried Fish Fillet (RM21.90) is dressed in cheese sauce and a twist of lemon for the acidic taste. Almond flakes provide a certain degree of crispiness. Like the previous dish, the fish fillet also comes with curly fries and vegetables.
Moving on to drinks, Rose Latte (RM12.90) is a hot drink made from espresso and milk. The coffee is also laced with rose syrup primarily for the floral aroma.
Freddo is a unique way to serve coffee - chilled but ice-free. This drink was popularized in Greece and is especially popular during summer. This mug of Mocha Frado (RM13.90) takes advantage of rich chocolate taste to appeal to cocoa lovers. Meanwhile, the chocolate foam on top acts as a heat insulator to the liquid drink below.
Should customers prefer a sweet chocolate drink with slushy consistency, the Ice-Blended Chocolate (RM16.90) plays this role. For visual appeal, the drink is topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.
Iced Matcha Latte (RM14.90) is prepared from matcha powder, milk and sugar. I personally prefer matcha latte to be served hot in order to appreciate its bitter aftertaste.
Examples of other items on J-dog's menu are croissants, sandwiches, cakes and fruit juices. The food at J-dog is entirely pork-free.
J-dog's petting zoo is the main attraction for most people. Most customers do not have dogs of their own. Therefore, J-dog provides an avenue for people to interact with animals. Dog owners are also welcomed to allow their pets to socialize with the resident dogs here.
J-dog currently has more than 20 dogs of its own, but the dogs take turns to appear in the petting zoo. All resident dogs have names that start with the letter "J".
For instance, Jerry the Samoyed is the patriarch of the pack. Meanwhile, Siberian Huskies Jillian and Jinny are inseparable as these siblings have been growing up together.
The dogs in the petting zoo are very sociable as they have been exposed to people since birth. As tempting as it is, please do not feed dogs with human food as they may become very ill. Instead, customers may purchase dog treats from the staff.
Besides the restaurant-cum-petting zoo, J-dog has a separate pet shop several units away. The back section of the pet shop is a boarding kennel - ideal for dog owners who need to leave their pets for several days. J-dog also provides dog grooming, training and breeding services.
Name: J-dog House & Cafe
Address: 72-2-33A & 35, Arena Curve, Jalan Mahsuri, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-611-9903
Business hours: 10:00am-10:00pm, closed on Tuesdays
Coordinates: 5.32580 N, 100.28115 E
Directions: J-dog is located on Level 2 of Arena Curve in Bayan Baru. The restaurant is across Persiaran Mahsuri from D'Piazza Mall. There are parking spaces around Arena Curve.