Special thanks to Morganfield's for extending this food review invitation.

Morganfield's is renowned for its American barbecue fare, especially its signature Sticky Bones spare ribs. The chain's newest restaurant is located at the external section of Mid Valley Megamall, just adjacent to Brotzeit and facing The Gardens Mall. The most prominent aspect of this outlet is the beverage counter that has retractable windows.
Morganfield's dining section uses wood is the main theme. Wooden tables and wall panels create a rustic appearance reminiscent of the American Old West. In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, the restaurant is also decorated with Chinese lanterns, cherry blossoms and spring couplets.
A small stage at the air-conditioned section is where live music is performed in the evening. To cater the drinking crowd, there are additional bar tables and chairs next to the drinks counter. Each table can be moved along a rail and can be combined with another to form a larger table. Meanwhile, customers who prefer al fresco dining can also be seated across the front entrance. Smoking is prohibited, though.
Morganfield's is offering the Tray of Togetherness (RM238.88) during this Chinese New Year season. Before the platter is served, diners are treated to a complimentary plate of Prosperity Lou Sang (RM38.88 for à la carte order). Yee sang (鱼生) consists of colorful ingredients like salmon, jellyfish, carrot curls, daikon curls, crackers and crushed peanuts. Smoked salmon is not available today, so it is replaced with cooked salmon instead. Also included are plum sauce, sesame oil, five-spice powder (五香粉) and pepper.
Moving on to the main platter, the highlight is the full slab of Sticky Bones. Pork is certainly Morganfield's strongest suit. The spare ribs are smoked with hickory wood to attain the distinctive flavor. There are 4 choices of spare ribs: Hickory BBQ, Garlicky BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn and The Naughty. For first-time customers, Hickory BBQ spare ribs is the recommended choice.
The Tray of Togetherness also incorporates several Chinese elements. This is well represented by tiger prawns that are flavored with salted egg dressing. The shrimps are crunchy and quite succulent especially when they are still warm. They are also garnished with curry leaves for the aromatic appeal.
Moving on, a whole sea bass is fried to a scrumptious crisp, and then dressed with Chinese-style sweet and sour sauce. Be advised that the fish contains sharp bones, so be careful when feeding small children. Overall, the sea bass is nicely flavored and strikes a chord with my palate.
Side dishes on the platter are sweet potato fries, pilaf rice, seasonal vegetables and muffins. The muffin is dotted with white and black sesame seeds. Although the bread tastes good, I feel that the sesame seeds are not as fragrant as they ought to be.
Mandarin Orange Plum Tea (RM16.90) is only available during this Chinese New Year season. The mocktail is a mixture of orange juice and iced tea, with a sour plum added for sharp citrus taste. A scoop of mandarin orange sorbet is added on top. I love the chilling slushiness that the sorbet presents in the mouth.
Oreo Speedwagon (RM15.90) is blended from Oreo crumbs, vanilla ice cream and milk, resulting in a thick emulsion that is quite filling. A whole Oreo cookie is added for good measure.
Meanwhile, the Sour Apple Mojito (RM16.90) is a carbonated beverage that is muddled with mint leaves, green apples, lime and sour plum. Sweetened with brown sugar, this mojito is a good thirst quencher.

Blueberry Ginger Pop (RM13.90) tantalizes the taste buds with berry-like sweetness that lingers on the tongue for quite a while. This fizzy drink is made from blueberry purée, lemon juice and ginger beer.
Last but not least, Orange Cyclist (RM15.90) is an ice-blended drink that comprises of orange juice, orange sorbet, yogurt, pineapple, peach, walnuts and honey. A slice of orange on the glass' rim serves as decoration.

The Tray of Togetherness is meant for 3 or 4 persons. The platter is available from 1 February 2018 to 4 March 2018. For every RM100.00 spent, customers are given a RM10.00 voucher to be used during their next visit.

Name: Morganfield's
Address: G(E)-017, Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-2201-4684
Business hours: 11:00am-1:00am
Coordinates: 3.11872 N, 101.67738 E
Directions: Morganfield's is located at the Ground Floor of Mid Valley Megamall. The restaurant faces The Gardens Mall and is sandwiched between Maybank and Brotzeit. Mid Valley Megamall provides parking at the Basement levels.

Two Frenchies

Two Frenchies is a French café and bistro at Bishop Street (Lebuh Bishop). It is one of the two shops next to Sun Wui Wui Koon (新会会馆); the other is Simply Wang Thai. Two Frenchies is named after the French Bulldog.
I ordered Profiteroles (RM13.50) as my dessert. The three pieces of choux pastry are filled with vanilla ice cream. I love the icy sensation of ice cream in the mouth. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce and almond flakes are presented on the side.
Two Frenchies also serves French cooking but I am not able to try the food this round.

Address: 36, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-261-2000
Business hours: 11:30am-10:30pm, closed on Mondays

Saigon Bowl

Special thanks to Saigon Bowl for extending this food review invitation.

The Whiteaways Arcade is a historical building at Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai). Like the neighboring Logan Heritage, The Whiteaways Arcade was constructed more than a century ago. One of the shops here is Saigon Bowl, a restaurant which features southern Vietnam cuisine.
The restaurant is rather spacious and has the right ambience for family dining. The dining area is decorated with Vietnamese ornaments but also has a modern feel. There are dining tables for 2 or 4 persons, and even a large wooden table for bigger parties.
Saigon Bowl specializes in phở. Phở is a soup dish which uses rice noodles called bánh phở. The signature version is Pho Beef Combo (RM18.90) or phở bò. Saigon Bowl's signature beef broth is prepared from 19 types of herbs. Cooked for several hours, the soup is saturated with rich flavors. It is tasty to the last drop.
The noodle dish contains sliced rib eye, beef briskets and beef balls - all imported from Australia. The briskets are particularly succulent. Also included are bean sprouts, Thai basil (húng quế), scallions, onions and red chili peppers. Meanwhile, the accompanying condiments are lime, hoisin sauce (tương đen), hot sauce (tương ớt) and bird's eye chili.

Pho Chicken Combo (RM13.90) is the poultry version of phở. Commonly called phở gà, this dish uses a different soup base that has stronger flavor and carries a subtle hint of sourness. This beef-free dish is served with chicken breast and chicken balls. Although the chicken is sufficiently tender, it is nowhere as enjoyable as beef.
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll (RM9.90) is the most popular side dish. It is known as "gỏi cuốn" in southern Vietnam, and "nem cuốn" in the north. The translucent skin is made from rice paper (bánh tráng). Since the skin is not cooked, it has a chewy texture. Rolled in the skin are chicken breast, shrimps, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers and lettuce. The rolls come with peanut butter sauce.
Meanwhile, Saigon Crispy Spring Roll (RM5.90) is filled with minced chicken breast, wood ear fungus, rice vermicelli and fried garlic. The rolls are deep-fried such that they become crispy. This snack is commonly called known as "chả giò" in southern Vietnam. It comes with fish sauce (nước mắm), which tastes sweet in small amounts but becomes salty if excessive.

Hot Vietnamese Drip Coffee With Condensed Milk (RM6.90) is known locally as cà phê việt nam. As a former French colony, Vietnam's favorite coffee is adapted from the French press. The drink uses a drip filter called cà phê phin. Hot water is poured over ground coffee, and filtered coffee drips to the glass below. Vietnamese coffee typically use dark roast beans, resulting in a brew with somewhat bold taste.
Iced Dried Longan With Lotus (RM5.90) is one of the several choices of cold drinks. Personally, I feel that the drink is sweeter than it needs to be. It may be better to reduce the amount of sugar and let the longan's natural sweetness take the center stage.
A shelf next to the entrance displays Vietnamese merchandise such as Vietnamese coffee powder (RM29.90), Vietnamese coffee dripper (RM49.90), Vifon dry pho (RM15.90) and Sriracha chili sauce (RM13.90). These items are the same as what the restaurant serves dine-in customers.
Saigon Bowl's phở recipe is among the better ones that I have tasted so far. The flavorful broths are probably the restaurant's strongest suit. On weekdays, the restaurant offers set lunch at rather affordable prices. Last but not least, it is also noted that Saigon Bowl's menu is entirely pork-free.
Name: Saigon Bowl
Address: 20A & 20B, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 017-471-3720
Business hours: 12:00pm-10:00pm
Coordinates: 5.41763 N, 100.34222 E
Directions: The Whiteaways Arcade is a two-storey building on Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai), located on the right when driving from the Jubilee Clock Tower. Saigon Bowl is one of the shops in the front. Street parking is available along nearby roads like Church Street (Lebuh Gereja) and Bishop Street (Lebuh Bishop).


Special thanks to Bouncy for extending this food review invitation.

Bouncy Food has recently opened a second restaurant in D'Piazza Mall. This new outlet, called "Bouncy", occupies the former location of Coffee Talk Premium. While the first outlet focuses on mainstream meals like burgers and pasta, the new restaurant pioneers an all-new concept in affordable dining.
The main dining section is very spacious. Its dark walls and dim lighting provide a hidden café-style ambience. Parents with kids can dine in peace as there is a children's room for the young ones to pass the time. Additional space on a raised platform provides a venue for aspiring musicians to practice.
For a brighter setting to hang out, get a seat at the front section of the restaurant. The glass window here allows outside light to illuminate the area. Meanwhile, ceiling fans provide an appreciable degree of ventilation. There is also a long counter for customers who prefer more casual dining.
Adjacent to the main restaurant is Bouncy International. The dining area here presents a more upscale atmosphere. Its kitchen presents an à la carte menu that covers home recipes from around the world. The menu is revised every fortnight. This week, French and Brazilian dishes are served.
Brazilian Potatoes Chickpeas (RM16.00) is quite similar in appearance to the Indian dish Chana Masala. This vegetarian dish is served in thick gravy and is garnished with rosemary and parsley. The meal is quite filling due to the generous amount of chickpeas.
Mushroom Leek Risotto (RM16.00) is another vegetarian dish on the menu. Risotto is not available today, so it replaced with linguine instead. The pasta is served with shiitake mushrooms and dried leek flakes.
Linguine Formaggio Di Aglio is one of the main dishes in the upcoming Valentine's Day menu. This Italian pasta is served with clams, cheese, tomato cubes, garlic and chopped parsley.
The à la carte meal also includes access to the buffet. In addition, customers can also opt for the buffet only. Instead of being charged a fixed price, the meal is priced according to the duration that one spends in the restaurant. This novel concept is known as Bouncy Meneeds.
Each customer is charged RM0.20 per minute, subject to minimum bill of RM6.00 (30 minutes or less) and maximum charge of RM18.00 (90 minutes or more). Bouncy Meneeds features vegetarian food with emphasis on cooked food. The buffet meal also includes rice, soup, pastry and drinks.
Apart from food at the buffet tables, Bouncy Meneeds also allows customers to order from the à la carte menu. The menu covers fried rice, noodle, pasta, coffee and more. The à la carte menu lists extremely low prices; some dishes are actually priced at RM0.00!
For a limited time, Bouncy is also offering Cafe Latte for a mere RM1.00 per cup. The coffee beans are roasted by ICAF from Italy. ICAF offers several types of beans: Crema, Ricco and Intenso. I think the Crema version appeals to mainstream coffee drinkers.
Bouncy has additional dining space at the upper floor. The place is set up like an office and can be used for seminars and private events. There are several small rooms in which customers can have private discussions. Equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi connection, Bouncy provides a conducive place for customers to study or work.
Unlike most places, Bouncy does not charge a fee for using its facility. Instead, customers are only billed by the minute, up to a maximum of RM18.00 per visit. Throughout the entire duration, customers may enjoy free-flowing of food and drinks! Last but not least, it is also worth mentioning that Bouncy is a pork-free restaurant.
Name: Bouncy
Address: 70-1-60, D'Piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 013-998-7705
Business hours: 8:00am-10:00pm
Coordinates: 5.32615 N, 100.28203 E
Directions: Bouncy is located at D'Piazza in Bayan Baru. The restaurant is adjacent to House Of Kolomee and faces Olive Tree Hotel at a distance. Outdoor parking and basement parking are available at D'Piazza.

Hakka Chili Pan Mee

Special thanks to Hakka Chili Pan Mee for extending this food review invitation.

Hakka Chili Pan Mee (客家辣椒板面) is one of the first shops to open in Prominence, a new mixed development project in Bandar Baru Perda. The restaurant specializes in pan mee (板面), a popular noodle dish of Hakka (客家) origin. Pan mee is very similar to mee hoon kueh (面粉粿) in Hokkien (福建) cuisine.
At Hakka Chili Pan Mee, there are 3 versions of pan mee: thin, thick and hand-torn (手捏). All 3 types come from the same wheat dough, but differ in the way the dough is cut. Pan mee literally translates as "board noodle", reflecting the fact that the dough is steamrolled into thin sheets before it is cut.
As the restaurant's name implies, Chili Pan Mee (辣椒板面, RM6.90) is the signature dish here. This dish is a relatively modern invention that was first popularized in the Klang Valley. The noodle is served with minced pork (肉碎), wood ear fungus (黑木耳), sweet leaves (马尼菜), anchovies (江鱼仔) and egg. A vital ingredient is hot sauce (麻辣酱), which packs a strong punch of intense spiciness.
Dry Pan Mee (干香板面, RM5.50) is somewhat similar to the previous dish, but features meatballs (肉丸) instead. Thin noodle is the preferred choice as it maximizes contact with the seasoning.
Fried Pork Drypan Mee (爆层板面, RM6.90) is one of my favorite dishes today. It features a pork cutlet that is cut into slices and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served with sweet chili sauce, the cutlet is quite delectable. I cannot recommend this dish highly enough.
Tomyam Dry Pan Mee (冬炎板面, RM8.90) is worth trying if you are fond of spicy Thai food. The key ingredient is minced chicken that is flavored with homemade spice mix. Thick noodle pairs well with this appetizing Thai seasoning. This dish also comes with crispy fish fillets.
Taiwanese Style Drypan Mee (炸酱板面, RM6.90) is similar to the popular Taiwanese dish, Minced Pork Rice (卤肉饭). The thick noodle is topped with stir-fried minced pork and a hard-boiled egg.
Loh Pan Mee (卤卤板面, RM6.90) is a peculiar recipe indeed. Its vinegar-infused gravy is reminiscent of hot and sour soup (酸辣汤). Also included in the bowl are minced pork, meatballs, anchovies, wood ear fungus and sweet leaves. This dish suits my palate but I suspect that it may not go well with certain people.
Soup Pan Mee (回味板面, RM5.50) is the classic Hakka recipe. The soup is formulated from anchovies and more than 10 spices. The anchovies are first fried, and then boiled in the soup to extract its rich taste. In my opinion, Soup Pan Mee goes best with hand-torn noodle.
Condiments are vital in the enjoyment of pan mee. The restaurant makes its own condiments from scratch: hot sauce (麻辣酱), spicy sauce (香辣酱) and sambal (参巴酱). While most pan mee servings have been seasoned adequately, customers are encouraged to add condiments according to their liking.
In lieu of pan mee, customers can also opt for rice dishes. Loh Bak Rice Bento (卤肉饭便当, RM9.90) is one such choice. The bowl of white rice is topped with minced pork, Chinese mustard, pickled cucumber, hard-boiled egg and sesame seeds.
From the à la carte menu, Crispy Pork Chop (爆油烧肉, RM9.90) is the bestselling snack. Under its crispy surface is juicy flesh that tantalizes the taste buds.
As for Crispy Fried Fish (香脆炸鱼, RM9.90), this side order is made into strips to serve as finger food. This dish is succulent indeed.
Lohbak (卤香肉卷, RM5.90) is made from minced pork with five-spice powder (五香粉) seasoning. The pork is wrapped in tofu skin (豆腐皮) and then fried until it becomes crispy. Unlike those served in most restaurants, these rolls are noticeably juicier.
A serving of Fried Chicken Wing (炸香鸡翅, RM8.90) contains three pairs of drumettes and wings. The fried chicken's taste and aroma are at the zenith when it is still piping hot from the fryer.
For something less oily, go for a bowl of Dumpling Soup (饺饺清汤, RM4.90). Each dumpling is filled with scrumptious minced pork. Meanwhile, the deep-fried version of dumplings is also available.
The Curry Chicken (烘香咖喱, RM6.90) here has less liquid than usual. This is to a point that it resembles chicken rendang. I think it would be nice if the breast section were cut into thinner slices.
The restaurant's menu also includes several meat-free dishes to cater for vegetarians. For example, Vegetarian Roasted Pork (脆香炸肉, RM9.90) is presented in a way which resembles actual roasted pork.
As for drinks, our choices today are Sugar Cane With Chestnut Juice (马蹄竹蔗汁, RM2.50), Bandung Special (黑糖百香汁, RM3.90) and Carrot Milk (胡萝卜牛奶, RM4.50).
Hakka Chili Pan Mee targets the mainstream customers as its pricing is quite affordable. In most cases, the food taste is reasonably good. Despite its modest menu, the restaurant covers a diverse range of flavors to suit different palates.

Name: Hakka Chili Pan Mee (客家辣椒板面)
Address: 8, Lorong Perda Utama 3, Bandar Baru Perda, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 011-3710-1184
Business hours: 10:30am-9:00pm
Coordinates: 5.36607 N, 100.42764 E
Directions: From the large Seberang Perai roundabout, take the west exit towards Bandar Perda. After 200 meters, turn left to Lorong Perda Utama 3. Hakka Chili Pan Mee is located at the left row of shop. There are parking spaces on both sides of the road.