600cc is located at Tesco Jelutong. This restaurant serves Taiwanese food and drinks.
The signature dish at 600cc is Taiwan Original Beef Noodle Soup (台湾原汁牛肉汤面, RM13.90).
What I like most about this dish is the beef-flavored broth. It is so flavorful that it makes the egg noodle very enjoyable too.
As for drinks, my choice is Red Milk Tea With Pearls (珍珠奶茶). The milk tea is sweeter than I had expected.
My dessert is Red Bean Macha Snowy (抹茶红豆雪花冰, RM11.50). This bowl of matcha-flavored shaved ice is served with sweet red beans and includes a scoop of ice cream on top.
Overall, I think the food at 600cc is quite satisfying. However, many Chinese people in Penang do not take beef. Therefore, the signature dish of this restaurant does not appeal to them.

Kedai Makanan Sky

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

An evening stall at Kedai Makanan Sky (天下美食馆) makes one of the best yong tau fu (酿豆腐) that I am aware of. It is also one of the cheapest around Genting Klang area: only RM1.10 per piece.

Foong Yean

As far as Cantonese restaurants are concerned, one of the more popular ones in Bayan Baru is Restoran Foong Yean (方源粤菜餐厅) at Jalan Tengah. This restaurant has been operating for over a decade and is still a popular spot for office lunches and family dinners.
Apart from course meals, food is usually ordered à la carte from the menu and quantified by number of portions. We picked two dishes (one portion each) as there are only two of us dining today.
The first dish is the Braised Sea Cucumber With Mushroom (海参一品煲, RM15.00). Served in a claypot, the flavors from various savory ingredients are infused together: sea cucumber (海参), black/shiitake mushrooms (香菇) and dried mussels (蚌). The dish includes some Napa cabbage (大白菜) and sliced garlic to balance and enhance the overall flavor.
The other dish is the Broccoli With Fresh Scallop (西兰花带子, RM15.00). The centerpiece is a light stir-fried mixture of scallops (带子), button mushrooms (洋菇), baby corn, carrots and garlic. This is surrounded by a generous serving of broccoli (西兰花), which is only lightly braised to retain its juicy sweetness.
For drinks, I we ordered some iced Sugar Cane Juice (竹蔗水, RM2.00).
Our overall dining experience at Foong Yean is positive as the taste and food quality are above par. The pricing is slightly on the high side, but this is justifiable considering the quality of ingredients used. Serving speed is reasonably fast; I suspect there are at least two chefs in the kitchen.

Tonki Bento

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Pulau Tikus is home to a sizeable Japanese community, which explains why there are a number of Japanese restaurants in this area of George Town. One of these restaurants is Tonki Bento (とんき弁当) at Lintang Burma, several shops away from Public Mutual.
Upon entering the restaurant, I am greeted with a maneki-neko (招き猫) or "welcoming cat". Its presence in Japanese restaurants has almost become a cliché.
The dining section of Tonki Bento is wooden themed. Bamboo screens and wooden panels partition individual dining tables. Quite a cozy place for a reclusive meal.
Authentic Japanese ornaments on the shelves and on the wall create a nostalgic Japanese atmosphere in the restaurant.
My lunch today is Ebi Furai Set (海老フライセット, RM14.00). The food is served in a plastic compartmentalized food tray typical for bento meals.
The spotlight of this bento meal are the four fried shrimps (海老). Coated with batter, the shrimps are deep-fried for a nice golden perfection. The prawns inside a quite dry, so the meal starts to go downhill around the third shrimp. Fortunately, there is a bowl of Miso Soup to help out.
The fried salmon (鮭) is served with some fried cabbage and carrots. I believe these ingredients are prepared with a teppan (鉄板) or iron griddle. Unfortunately, I find the salmon slightly soggy and not as palatable as expected.
A small portion of grated cabbage salad is included. The salad is accompanied by tomato slices, a pinch of coriander leaf and mayonnaise.
The rice is made from the traditional Japanese short-grain rice. Some black sesame seeds are sprinkled on top for a visual appeal.
I slice of orange serves as dessert for the meal.
The bowl of Miso Soup (味噌汁) is not as rich as it should be. More miso paste should have been used.
Condiments available on each table are soy sauce (醤油), vinegar (酢), Japanese spice mixture (七味唐辛子) and Japanese pepper powder (山椒の粉). I did not use any of these as I did not order any ramen (ラーメン) dishes.
My drink during the meal is the Green Tea (お茶, RM1.00). When dining in Japanese restaurants, I prefer to stick to green tea as the exclusive drink.
The food at Tonki Bento is just moderate in taste. The price is considered reasonable due to the generous portion. However, I don't think it deserves a second visit. On a side note, I notice that Tonki Bento relies on take-away and delivery orders very heavily.

Gastronomic Kopitiam

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Through my past visit, I find that Gastronomic Kopitiam Fusion Food offers a number of delightful dishes at reasonable prices.
The dining section is just modest in appearance. Simple tables and plastic chairs are used to keep the cost down.
Potted plant on each table serves to compensate for the lack of glamorous ornaments. Who says you need to spend a lot on interior design?
The meal starts with a bowl of Noodle Soup and Toasted Bread. These are included in the price of main course. I believe the type of soup varies from day to day.
The Noodle Soup is quite salty which not something I like. It uses noodles, though quite common in some countries, is not commonly served here.
My main course today is the Grilled Chicken A'la Indonesia (RM11.90). The portion is quite reasonable for the price.
The chicken is drenched with thick, brownish gravy infused with chopped onions. The gravy is mildly tangy and savory in flavor. The chicken itself is quite tender and delightful, thanks to the light grill from the kitchen.
The crinkle-cut fries are similar to those regular ones available at the frozen section of supermarkets. The commercial cooking method is to cook fries is simply deep-frying, but I prefer to use the baking method to avoid using oil and to give extra crisp.
The chicken dish also includes mixed vegetables such as baby corns, green peas, carrots and sweet corn.
For desserts, the meal includes a serving of Ice Cream which happens to be vanilla flavor today. The dessert is topped with mango-flavored jelly.
For drinks, I ordered a warm glass of Longan (RM1.80).
Overall, my meal at Gastronomic Kopitiam is still quite tasty and affordable. This place is certainly worthwhile to patronize regularly.

Breeks Cafe

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

The previous visit to Breeks Cafe in Queensbay Mall was highly disappointing. Usually I will pass off this restaurant entirely. But seeing there is a 50% re-opening discount today, I decided to give Breeks Cafe another shot.
Although the restaurant is now "re-opened", the atmosphere feels identical as before.
I ordered a Oven-Baked Half Chicken (RM19.90). Due to the 50% re-opening discount promotion on food items, the actual price is RM9.95.
The chicken is half-bird which is quite sufficient for most people.
The outer layer is roasted with a mild smoky touch. The roast is not too dry, so the first bites are still quite palatable.
Marinate is virtually non-existent as the chicken is almost tasteless under the skin. Some black pepper sauce is provided, but I feel it is meant more for the tasteless inner flesh.

The meal includes oily rice made from chicken stock. Surprisingly the rice is quite nice despite the poor performance of the chicken. In addition, lettuce and tomatoes serve as vegetable garnish.
As for my beverage, I ordered a glass of Iced Cappuccino (RM8.50). The chocolate flavor is rich but I fail to sense any espresso. Perhaps this is the price to pay for iced coffee.
The drink is topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. The presentation is reasonable but still failed to impress me.

The verdict: Breeks Cafe has some appreciable improvement in food quality since the last visit. However, the dining experience still falls short of a satisfying one.