TGI Friday's

TGI Friday's is a U.S. franchise restaurant. Although it has been around for several years in the Klang Valley, its presence in Penang is relatively new. The outlet that we visited for lunch is at the ground level of Queensbay Mall.

The restaurant's front is decorated with its iconic red-and-white stripes. There are plenty of seats available, but we were surprised that there were few diners. In many cases, this is usually not a good sign.
We ordered a serving of Fried Mozzarella as appetizer. It comes with a serving of celery and dipping sauce. Unfortunately, we didn't enjoy it that much because the cheese was not melted.
One of the main dish that we ordered was the Salmon Pasta. It comes with 2 pieces of grilled salmon. Either the salmon was not fresh, or it was overcooked. Either way, the taste was ruined.
Up next on the dining table was the Cajun Chicken. The quarter-chicken was garnished in herbs and accompanied by a side of fried sweet potatoes. This dish is reasonably good to the taste buds.
For drinks, we had Hot Coffee with whipped cream. As for dessert, we had a couple of Parfait: caramel and Oreo. The taste is reasonable.
Overall, I wouldn't say it was an extraordinary restaurant, but probably something lower down your list if you have no better place to dine.

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