El Mondo

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

We decided to try something Italian for dinner, so it was a good opportunity to try El Mondo, a small Italian restaurant at Krystal Point.
To get started, the interior decor is nice indeed. The business owner obviously put an effort to give it an Italian touch.
In Rome do as the Romans do. We started with soup and as appetizers: a bowl of Mushroom Soup and a cup of Seafood Soup. The former is just average, but the latter is quite a treat! The soup comes with complimentary Garlic Bread.
The Chicken Milanese entree was a good choice. It is served with lemon sauce and garlic vegetables.
As for the Lasagna Di Carne, it was our favorite for the night. The lasagna is made of minced meat filled with cheese and served over thick tomato sauce.
For drinks, we an ordered Ice Blended Cappuccino and a Vanilla Milk Shake.
We wanted something Italian, and we got what we wanted. Definitely a good dining choice!

Xian Ding Wei

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Xian Ding Wei brands itself has a medium-high end Taiwanese cuisine restaurant. However, my review of it is "less than satisfactory".

We ordered 3 set meals. Each comes with a type of meat or bean curd served in a pot or hot plate, a bowl of herbal soup in a fancy-looking bowl, 3 small servings of sides (such as pickled cucumber, spring roll, mayonnaise salad), and a bowl of braised pork rice.

Firstly, the Taiwanese Supreme Chicken In A Variety Of Sauces (正宗台湾三杯鸡) is reasonable, but the chicken a little too salty.
Next, Teppanyaki Hunan Beancurd (铁板湖南豆腐) is just normal. Seriously, they could have charged a more reasonable price since this dish is mostly vegetarian.
As for the Taiwan-Style Sweet & Sour Pork (糖醋咕咾肉), it is probably the best among the three. It wasn't overcooked, so the fleshy center of the meat is still present.
Most of us do not enjoy the soup. It feels tasteless and diluted. The sides and braised pork rice are also just so-so.
For drinks, we ordered some Pearl Milk Tea: champagne, jasmine and orange flavors. They aren't bad, but it's just the same from Chatime or any similar clones around the mall.
Overall, this is "just-another-Taiwanese-restaurant" at a premium price tag.

Korea Palace

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Korean food has been around Malaysia for several decades already, but it only entered the mainstream popularity in the past 10-15 years, probably due to the prevalence of Korean dramas (e.g. Winter Sonata) and pop culture (e.g. Wonder Girls, Psy).

Still, Korean food is not cheap. And Korea Palace isn't an exception.

This restaurant has 2 outlets: Bayan Lepas and Tanjung Tokong. The one visited today is at the former.

First, we were served with Korean Tea, which I must say that I am very impressed with the smooth, cooling taste.
Before the meal starts, we are also served with a wide variety of banchan (반찬, side dishes), such as kimchi, potato salad, stewed lotus roots, cucumber strips etc. The portions are refillable, but you have to ask.
Next come the main attractions: Marinated Pork Cutlets and Marinated Beef Cutlets. The meat is provided raw and the staff helps with the grilling on the spot. Yes, there is a hot plate on every dining table. Fortunately, there is a ventilator above the grilling area to minimize the unpleasantness of smoke. We must say that we are very impressed with the marinade. The only complain is the price. For RM80.00, there is hardly enough meat to go around!
In addition, we ordered a serving of Seafood Omelette, which we quite enjoyed. It is served in a hot pot to retain the heat as much as possible.
To conclude the meal, we were served with 2 slices of Watermelon Slices. I wished that they noticed that there were 4 of us. After all, the price that we paid could have bought them a crate-full of watermelons.
It is definitely worth a visit! If it weren't for the hefty bill, we would have made ourselves regular customers.

Soba Yoshi

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Soba Yoshi is a "humble" Japanese restaurant tucked in a quiet corner of Krystal Point. It is not a very crowded place even on Friday noons, where a throng of Free Industrial Zone employees are expected to pour out in search of nice bites like hungry ghosts. Yet, their food is surprisingly nice and affordable compared to other Japanese restaurants in the nearby area.
If you are looking for more "filling" dishes, you should opt for the bento sets, which we did. Depending on the type, the price can vary from RM20 to almost RM60.

The first bento set is Salmon Bento. It is served with grilled salmon, rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, potato salad and a serving of fruit (watermelon). The grilled salmon is nicely cooked with teriyaki sauce.
The second dish is the Mixed Bento. It includes grilled mackerel, assorted tempura (prawns, sweet potato, cucumber etc), assorted sashimi and rice. The sashimi is fresh but the portions could have been bigger.
Overall, we were satisfied with the food. No doubt, we will be back quite often.


Canton-i is a restaurant that serves Hong Kong-style Cantonese food. It is a sister restaurant chain as Dragon-i which serves Shanghainese food.

We ordered Hot Plate Yee Mee, which comes with tasty thick gravy sauce. The noodles are deep-fried to the right amount - not too overcooked that it tastes burnt, not too little that it feels soggy.
In addition, we also ordered a plate of Barbecued Pork And Roasted Pork Served With Wan Tan Mee, and another plate of Barbecued Pork And Roasted Pork Served With Rice. Both types of pork are nearly perfect to my tastebuds.
To put it simple, you can never go wrong with Canton-i. The only question is how much you are willing to splurge on it? A decent meal can easily rake up the bill to over RM10. Nevertheless, it is worth a try if you never been here before.

Prestige Palace

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

This restaurant is located just across from Queensbay Mall. It is difficult to notice from outside. The owner should make the store front more attractive if he wants to get more customer traffic.

The menu is rather limited, probably because the restaurant is relatively new. There is a lunch set promotion in the price range of RM9 to RM12, which comes with the main dish, mushroom soup and drink (ice lemon tea).

The main dishes that we selected are mushroom grilled fish and black pepper steak. Each comes with 2 side dishes: garden salad and mashed potato or fries.
The meat is cooked just nice and the taste is acceptable. But the portion is too small. I don't think it is worth the money considering this. There are better deals nearby or in Queensbay Mall itself.