Korea Palace

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Korean food has been around Malaysia for several decades already, but it only entered the mainstream popularity in the past 10-15 years, probably due to the prevalence of Korean dramas (e.g. Winter Sonata) and pop culture (e.g. Wonder Girls, Psy).

Still, Korean food is not cheap. And Korea Palace isn't an exception.

This restaurant has 2 outlets: Bayan Lepas and Tanjung Tokong. The one visited today is at the former.

First, we were served with Korean Tea, which I must say that I am very impressed with the smooth, cooling taste.
Before the meal starts, we are also served with a wide variety of banchan (반찬, side dishes), such as kimchi, potato salad, stewed lotus roots, cucumber strips etc. The portions are refillable, but you have to ask.
Next come the main attractions: Marinated Pork Cutlets and Marinated Beef Cutlets. The meat is provided raw and the staff helps with the grilling on the spot. Yes, there is a hot plate on every dining table. Fortunately, there is a ventilator above the grilling area to minimize the unpleasantness of smoke. We must say that we are very impressed with the marinade. The only complain is the price. For RM80.00, there is hardly enough meat to go around!
In addition, we ordered a serving of Seafood Omelette, which we quite enjoyed. It is served in a hot pot to retain the heat as much as possible.
To conclude the meal, we were served with 2 slices of Watermelon Slices. I wished that they noticed that there were 4 of us. After all, the price that we paid could have bought them a crate-full of watermelons.
It is definitely worth a visit! If it weren't for the hefty bill, we would have made ourselves regular customers.


  1. i want to taste kimchiiii....i really want it!! it's look delicious :D

    1. You like kimchi? I like kimchi too! Especially the juicy cabbage type! :-)

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