Xian Ding Wei

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Xian Ding Wei brands itself has a medium-high end Taiwanese cuisine restaurant. However, my review of it is "less than satisfactory".

We ordered 3 set meals. Each comes with a type of meat or bean curd served in a pot or hot plate, a bowl of herbal soup in a fancy-looking bowl, 3 small servings of sides (such as pickled cucumber, spring roll, mayonnaise salad), and a bowl of braised pork rice.

Firstly, the Taiwanese Supreme Chicken In A Variety Of Sauces (正宗台湾三杯鸡) is reasonable, but the chicken a little too salty.
Next, Teppanyaki Hunan Beancurd (铁板湖南豆腐) is just normal. Seriously, they could have charged a more reasonable price since this dish is mostly vegetarian.
As for the Taiwan-Style Sweet & Sour Pork (糖醋咕咾肉), it is probably the best among the three. It wasn't overcooked, so the fleshy center of the meat is still present.
Most of us do not enjoy the soup. It feels tasteless and diluted. The sides and braised pork rice are also just so-so.
For drinks, we ordered some Pearl Milk Tea: champagne, jasmine and orange flavors. They aren't bad, but it's just the same from Chatime or any similar clones around the mall.
Overall, this is "just-another-Taiwanese-restaurant" at a premium price tag.

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