Jumbo Delicious

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Jumbo Delicious is a Western restaurant in Sungai Ara. They don't call themselves "jumbo" for nothing; the food portions are quite huge relative to the price.
We started off with Mushroom Soup. The soup is very creamy, just the way I like it. What a pity that it is increasingly rare to find "real" mushroom soup. Many restaurants simply serve watered down versions of Campbell mushroom soup.
We had a serving of their signature Jumbo Mixed Grill. This consists of grilled chicken, grilled tiger prawn and grilled lamb served with mashed potato and brown gravy.
Next, we tried the Cheese-Roasted Tiger Prawns. This dish comes with 3 generous-sized tiger prawns.
We were told that their Jumbo Chicken Chop is popular, so we decided not to miss it. True to its word, the portion is really jumbo! The chicken matches well with the brown sauce.
Jumbo Delicious is liberal when it comes with vegetable garnishes. I am talking real vegetables: carrots, asparagus, broccoli, green peas, baby corn. You don't see this very often except in high-end restaurants.

For dessert, we tried a Shepherd Pie. I must say that their pie filling is probably a trade secret. The chef somehow manages to blend the taste so perfectly without overwhelming the taste buds.
We concluded with a bowl of Ice Kacang, which also deserves "jumbo" as an adjective. Apart from the large portion (easily for 2 persons), it is just normal.
In conclusion, do drop by Jumbo Delicious if you are looking for a special treat to your hungry stomach. The price is quite reasonable if consider the portion that you are enjoying.

Domino's Pizza

For fast and easy eats, you can't go wrong with pizza. The only question is which type? Domino's Pizza is a serious competitor to Pizza Hut. But I haven't decided which I prefer among the two. At the end of the day, these are fast food anyway.

Domino's Pizza only has 4 outlets in the Penang island, compare to nearly a dozen for Pizza Hut.

The Domino's Pizza outlet that I visited is the one nearest to my office: at Krystal Point in Bayan Lepas. The next "nearest" one is near Island Glades.
There are over 20 types of pizzas to choose from, but I decided to go back to the familiar Aloha Chicken Pizza. This 12" pizza is supposed to be topped with cheese, pineapples and chicken chunks. Unfortunately, the amount of chicken chunk leaves much to be desired. Taste-wise, it's just normal as expected.
Well, what else do you expect from a fast food pizza outlet anyway?


Penang is relatively close to the Thai border. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thai restaurants are common around here.

Siriwan is a Thai restaurant at Krystal Point, a few stores away from Korea Palace. The storefront and interior decor looks "wooden". Not sure whether it is a good idea, but let's talk about the food instead.
We ordered a serving of Stewed Chicken In Spicy Gravy. I think it was a bit too spicy for us. We should have asked before ordering. But why go Thai if you don't want spiciness, right?
Next came a bowl of Kaeng Khiao Wan (Thai green curry). The dish contains chicken chunks among several other ingredients.
Not to forget the Seafood Tomyam, which poised a serious challenge to our tolerance to spiciness. It wasn't bad, but not that impressive either.
Instead of ordering white rice, we decided to see how well they do in the fried rice department. We ordered a plate of Egg Fried Rice and Minced Meat Fried Rice. The latter is worthwhile because we could try the minced meat, which is quite good.
As for desserts, we had Tab Tim Krab (coconut milk dessert), which contains water chestnut and jackfruit strips.
The food was reasonable, but I am certain that there are many comparable or better restaurants out there.


Azuma (Japanese word of "east") is a Japanese restaurant in Queensbay Mall. Although it has a kaiten (conveyor belt) in a section of the dining area, it caters for higher market segment than other Japanese restaurant than the likes of Sakae Sushi. Surprisingly, the food at Azuma is still priced competitively.
Right off the kaiten, we took a blue plate of Tamago Maki (egg rolled sushi) and red plate of Chuka Iidako (seasoned baby octopus). The latter is rather nice!
In addition, we also ordered a serving of Yaki Gyoza (pan-fried dumpling). It comes in 5 pieces. The minced meat inside has the right texture and works well with our tastebuds.
For more a filling treat, we ordered 2 bento sets: Steamed Salmon Bento and Unagi Bento. Each is served with Garlic Fried Rice, Miso Soup and some Fruit Slices. The latter set also comes with a cup of Chawanmushi and Mayo Salad.
The steamed salmon is just mediocre, but the unagi (eel) is really special. Somehow, the chef knows his trade and makes it so perfect to the mouth!
The garlic fried rice is reasonable, but I somehow prefer the one at Sakae Sushi.
While we were settling the bill, we were each served with a complimentary cup of Ice Cream.
All in all, Azuma is a great place to have a nice Japanese meal. The environment and hospitality is also welcoming. However, be wary of your financial capability, because an unimpeded appetite can snowball and cause serious damage to your wallet. Or your credit card as the case may be.

El Mondo

Given the pleasant dining experience previously, I revisited the El Mondo restaurant for lunch. However this time, I went to the outlet in E-Gate. The interior decor feels similar as the other outlet in Krystal Point.
There was a set meal promotion applicable on weekdays. Without much hesitation, I selected from this menu. The set comes with an entree, a single scoop of ice cream (they happened to serve Vanilla Ice Cream) and drink (which I selected Ice Lemon Tea). A cup of soup can be added at a discounted price.
The Vegetable Soup was served slightly cold, ruining the opportunity towards a perfect score.
For the entree, I opted for the Grill Chicken Chop With Mushroom Cream Sauce. It comes with some spaghetti and steamed vegetable as garnish. The chicken is somewhat tasty, but the portion is too small. well, that's probably the price to pay for a set meal anyway.
Although not as satisfied as before, today's meal still falls within satisfaction.