Domino's Pizza

For fast and easy eats, you can't go wrong with pizza. The only question is which type? Domino's Pizza is a serious competitor to Pizza Hut. But I haven't decided which I prefer among the two. At the end of the day, these are fast food anyway.

Domino's Pizza only has 4 outlets in the Penang island, compare to nearly a dozen for Pizza Hut.

The Domino's Pizza outlet that I visited is the one nearest to my office: at Krystal Point in Bayan Lepas. The next "nearest" one is near Island Glades.
There are over 20 types of pizzas to choose from, but I decided to go back to the familiar Aloha Chicken Pizza. This 12" pizza is supposed to be topped with cheese, pineapples and chicken chunks. Unfortunately, the amount of chicken chunk leaves much to be desired. Taste-wise, it's just normal as expected.
Well, what else do you expect from a fast food pizza outlet anyway?

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