Jumbo Delicious

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Jumbo Delicious is a Western restaurant in Sungai Ara. They don't call themselves "jumbo" for nothing; the food portions are quite huge relative to the price.
We started off with Mushroom Soup. The soup is very creamy, just the way I like it. What a pity that it is increasingly rare to find "real" mushroom soup. Many restaurants simply serve watered down versions of Campbell mushroom soup.
We had a serving of their signature Jumbo Mixed Grill. This consists of grilled chicken, grilled tiger prawn and grilled lamb served with mashed potato and brown gravy.
Next, we tried the Cheese-Roasted Tiger Prawns. This dish comes with 3 generous-sized tiger prawns.
We were told that their Jumbo Chicken Chop is popular, so we decided not to miss it. True to its word, the portion is really jumbo! The chicken matches well with the brown sauce.
Jumbo Delicious is liberal when it comes with vegetable garnishes. I am talking real vegetables: carrots, asparagus, broccoli, green peas, baby corn. You don't see this very often except in high-end restaurants.

For dessert, we tried a Shepherd Pie. I must say that their pie filling is probably a trade secret. The chef somehow manages to blend the taste so perfectly without overwhelming the taste buds.
We concluded with a bowl of Ice Kacang, which also deserves "jumbo" as an adjective. Apart from the large portion (easily for 2 persons), it is just normal.
In conclusion, do drop by Jumbo Delicious if you are looking for a special treat to your hungry stomach. The price is quite reasonable if consider the portion that you are enjoying.

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