Penang is relatively close to the Thai border. Therefore, it is not surprising that Thai restaurants are common around here.

Siriwan is a Thai restaurant at Krystal Point, a few stores away from Korea Palace. The storefront and interior decor looks "wooden". Not sure whether it is a good idea, but let's talk about the food instead.
We ordered a serving of Stewed Chicken In Spicy Gravy. I think it was a bit too spicy for us. We should have asked before ordering. But why go Thai if you don't want spiciness, right?
Next came a bowl of Kaeng Khiao Wan (Thai green curry). The dish contains chicken chunks among several other ingredients.
Not to forget the Seafood Tomyam, which poised a serious challenge to our tolerance to spiciness. It wasn't bad, but not that impressive either.
Instead of ordering white rice, we decided to see how well they do in the fried rice department. We ordered a plate of Egg Fried Rice and Minced Meat Fried Rice. The latter is worthwhile because we could try the minced meat, which is quite good.
As for desserts, we had Tab Tim Krab (coconut milk dessert), which contains water chestnut and jackfruit strips.
The food was reasonable, but I am certain that there are many comparable or better restaurants out there.

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