All About Sugar & Gift

If you have some friends from out-of-town and would like them to try some specialty desserts, why not head over to All About Sugar & Gift (团圆)?

This painstakingly-decorated shop along the narrow Lorong Susu specializes in tangyuan (汤圆), a dish of spherical glutinous rice flour typically served during the Lantern Festival. But the presence of this shop indicates that people are impatient to wait till the annual Lantern Festival to satisfy their cravings.

We placed an order of Sweet Tang Yuan (子孙满堂), whose Chinese name is obviously a play on the word "sugar". This dish is mixture of several different types of tangyuan (filled and unfilled) in clear ginger syrup.
Next, Tiramisu Tang Yuan (提拉米苏汤圆) is also a real treat! The tangyuan is filled with chocolate tiramisu, and served in a bowl of milk soup. It is best to eat it hot to taste the sweet chocolate oozing out of each punctured tangyuan.
Another signature dish is the Peanut Tang Yuan (花生汤圆). The tangyuan in this dessert has sweet peanut paste filling, with sweet peanut soup to complement it. It was a delicious dish indeed!
For dessert, we wrapped up with an order of Dragon Fruit Sago (龙珠果西米露). The sago (tapioca pudding) is served with several tangyuan, dragon fruit, mango, longan and kiwi. Perhaps because it is served cold, the flavor is not as impressive as the others.
The shop also sells solid food, but we will leave this for a future visit. I foresee that we will drop by again in the near term!

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