Ichyo Ramen

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Located at i-Avenue, Ichyo Ramen has been serving the local populace for quite some time already. The store front is rather nice, and so is the interior decor. Nevertheless, the pricing is still reasonable and more affordable than similar Japanese restaurants in the vicinity.
In most cases, the most economical way to sample more variety of food is to opt for the set menu. That was exactly what I did.
The main dish for dinner is Kimuchi Ramen. This is a ramen dish served in a rich broth, plus some ingredients such as roasted pork slices, fish cake, dried seaweed and vegetables. Not much can be said about the ramen, but the pork and broth are quite good.
Also served are 3 pieces of Gyoza (pot stickers) filled with minced pork. The skin is too thick, which gave it a more "starchy" taste instead of my preferred "meaty" taste.
The Garlic Fried Rice is a bit overcooked and dry. Also included in the set are Diced Cucumber and Watermelon Slices.
Drinks are not included, so I ordered a cup of hot Green Tea.

Overall-wise, it was a rather satisfying meal.

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