Located at the northern wing of Queensbay Mall, Japin is easily overlooked by shoppers due to its remoteness from other restaurants. Nevertheless, a food blogger must do what a food blogger must do - eat!

We opted for the set lunch menu, which has several selections of bento meals. In most cases, the set consists of the main dish, miso soup, shredded cabbage mayonnaise salad, rice and watermelon cuts. For the price we paid, it was a pretty decent bargain.

I ordered the Tori Teriyaki Setto, which translates to "Bird Shine-Roast Set". The word "tori" often refers to chicken especially in food menus. To refer to chicken specifically, the term "niwa tori" is used.

Back to the main point, the teriyaki (sweet-sauce) chicken is reasonably well-cooked, although it would taste even better if it were less oily.
Both of colleagues ordered the same dish: Takana Cyahan Setto. Normally, my rule of thumb is not to order the same dish twice, in case of incapacitation of both pilots in the same flight. Wait... maybe I am confused with the airlines policy. But you get my point.

Anyway, the Takana Cyahan Setto comes with garlic fried rice and several small servings of pickles. For the price, the quality and quantity is pretty good.
Japin is a good place to drop by occasionally, but the menu choices is rather limited.

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