OldTown White Coffee

While it might be difficult to fathom why people is willing to pay almost double for food that can be easily found in any coffee shop, the general consensus it that that OldTown White Coffee (and other restaurant chains with similar concept) has captured the hearts of so many Malaysians in the recent years.

In search for a decent place to reward my early wake today, I decided to stop by this 24-hour outlet at Bayan Baru. It is a 2-storey building at the end of the row.

I ordered a set of My Meehoon meal, which comes with a plate of fried rice noodles (meehoon) and milk tea. In addition, I threw in an order of Curry Chicken Thick Toast, which consists of 2 thick slices of toasted brown bread and a bowl of chicken curry.
The meehoon portion is reasonable for its price. However, the taste is rather plain, and the sambal sauce did little to help.
As for the toasted brown bread, it is quite fragrant and soft to the mouth. Normally, people would eat it together with the chicken curry, but I feel that it is tasty by itself.
However, I was rather disappointed with the chicken curry. It is way too oily and the chicken meat feels quite tough and dry.
The milk tea is reasonable. But honestly, if you really like it, you can buy their 3-in-1 instant packets and drink at the comfort of your own home.
Wi-Fi is provided here, but ease of connection is horrible at best. Don't count on it.

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