Queens Food Market

There are 2 food courts in Queensbay Mall. Queens Food Market is located on the top floor of the mall (excluding the car park), at the same floor as the cinema. It is supposed to be a backwater section of the mall, but the marketing executives of Queensbay Mall did a good job in drawing a sizable crowd to this section of the mall.

But the real question remains: How is the food?

We did not have room for a proper meal, so we decided to go for some desserts instead. We noticed that the dessert counter is quite busy. A general rule of thumb: The busier it is, the more likely that it is good. Let's put this theory to the test.

The first dessert is the Ice Cream Ice Kacang. It is a standard serving size and comes with the familiar ingredients and coconut milk, with an extra scoop of vanilla cream on the top. Well, it is cool and refreshing, but which ice kacang isn't?
The other dessert is the Dragonfruit Ice Kacang. This is a little unorthodox because the shaved ice is served with several slices of dragon fruit (also known as pitaya) and pearl balls. The both red and white variants of dragon fruit are available. It looks nice, but seriously, is there a way to differentiate ice kacang from competitors?
Well, we sought for dessert, and we got what we asked for. Let's keep it that day.

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