Sarkies Corner

The lunch buffet at Sarkies Corner in E&O Hotel is one of the "mainstream" meal destinations during company events. Apart from the fact that it is halal-certified, the word "buffet" rings happily in the ears of many people, including myself.
A buffet meal should be started with the more expensive dishes. This is usually seafood: shrimps, clams, scallops, salmon slices, eel slices etc.
Next are the various "everyday" meat dishes which rotate daily. Try a little of each because you can be easily overwhelmed.
Since I arrived earlier than most people, the queue for the char koay teow was not too long. The dish is cooked in small batches of 2 plates at a time, so the queue can be quite long later. It is worth a try, not nowhere comparable with the established hawkers in Penang. At least, Sarkies Corner can afford to give extra portions of shrimps after charging heavily for it.
The desserts section is rather extensive. There are easily over 20 varieties of cakes, cookies, custards and puddings. Several types of fruits, including my favorite dragon fruit, is also available. There is also a chocolate fountain for those who prefer everything to be chocolate-coated.
A lunch buffet at Sarkies Corner costs over RM70 per person. This is one place that you usually don't mess with, unless you are loaded with cash.

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