Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe often have the lunch promotion, where one can have a main dish and drink for RM15++. This promotion is available during the lunch hours obviously, between noon and 3:00pm.

The main dish options are refreshed occasionally. During my visit, I opted for the Grilled Mushroom Chicken. I was slightly disappointed with the quality of their mushroom sauce. I think there is more gravy than real mushrooms. Nevertheless, the chicken is grilled to reasonable tenderness, so that's a bit of a saving grace.
For the drink, the only available is Iced Lemon Tea. It comes in a tall fancy glass to give you the illusion that there is more liquid than reality.
Secret Recipe is renown for their cakes, so I asked for a slice of Mango Delight. True to their reputation, cakes are still their best department. The pastry marries well with the mango filling in the middle.
Overall, it was a decent meal at a decent price.

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