Teow Chew Meng

Sunway Tunas is a backwater district despite its close proximity to the Free Industrial Zone. However, it is home to several noteworthy restaurants, including Teow Chew Meng.
Teow Chew Meng has 2 outlets in Penang, the other one in downtown Lorong Selamat. It is well-known Teochew-style cooking, such as Mee Sua Kor.

They have many varieties of Mee Sua Kor, each with different combination of ingredients. Our choice of the day is the Oyster Mee Sua Kor (鲜蚵面线糊). Essentially, the dish is made of rice noodles boiled in thick oyster sauce. Be warned that this dish is highly addictive. Once you reach the bottom of the bowl, you will want to lick the bottom clean!
Another popular dish that they offer is the porridge, which they have several variants as well. We picked the Fishball Porridge (鱼丸粥) because we heard that the fish balls are springy and pleasant to the mouth. Neither the porridge nor the fish balls failed to impress.
Trying some more "solid" food, we ordered a plate of Home Specialty Fried Rice (铭牌炒饭). The cooking is fragrant and it has the "fiery" taste.
For drinks, we had a glass of Lo Han Guo (罗汉果) and Carrot Milk Juice (萝卜奶).
Teow Chew Meng is a definitely must-go for anyone visiting the area.


  1. Eh, I ate this before. There's one outlet in Subang. I think the one in Subang is opened by the son-in-law

    1. Interesting information. How do you find the food? :-)

    2. The mee sua is smooth and nice. But to me, it's above mediocre compared to others but what's really good is their chili. LOL.

      I blogged about it here:

    3. Thanks for sharing! Yeah, the chili is indeed nice to be tasted as it is. But does it really go well with the soup-based noodles? :-)