600cc is a Taiwanese chain restaurant based in Penang. The nearest outlet, which is the subject of this review, is located at the Ground Floor of Tesco Jelutong, just opposite of Pizza Hut.

Many restaurants have one or two dishes that are their signature dishes. For the case of 600cc, its signature dish is the Taiwan Original Beef Noodle Soup (台湾原汁牛肉汤面, RM10.50). This is exactly what I ordered.
The dish is served with generous amounts of noodles and beef. The broth is made of beef stew, giving it a very rich, "meaty" flavoring. The noodles is springy and blends well with the broth, especially when eaten with pickled cabbages.

However, some pieces of beef (especially the larger chunks) are too large in size, making it difficult for the broth to penetrate deep. This causes these chunks to be tough and unflavored.

Drinks can be ordered at a special price with any order of main dishes. I ordered the Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶, RM1.50), which is just so-so.

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