All About Sugar & Gift

We did not have to wait for long to find another excuse to visit All About Sugar & Gift (团圆) at Lorong Susu. A few outstation friends dropped by, so we wanted to impress them with novelty desserts.
We reordered the old school Sweet Tang Yuan (子孙满堂, RM4.20) so that everyone can sample the different types of glutinous rice that the shop has to offer.
Next, we proceeded to try some Tau Sar Tang Yuan (豆沙汤圆, RM4.20), where the tangyuan is filled in red bean paste, while the soup is also red bean flavored.
The third choice is the Lotus Seed Tang Yuan (莲子汤圆, RM4.20). The tangyuan is unfilled, but the soup has lotus seeds as ingredients.
Finally, we tried the Green Tea Tang Yuan (绿茶汤圆, RM4.20). The tangyuan itself is unfilled but the flour contains green tea extract.
All four choices were satisfying to varying degrees.

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