Formerly known as Hongkie Kopitiam, Boston is a chain restaurant featuring Hong Kong-style cuisine. The store facade looks new and appealing, and the interior has the Hong Kong nostalgic touch.
However, what really attracted me was the late afternoon set meal (available between 3:00pm and 6:00pm). There are several selections for the set meal. In all cases, the set comprises of a simple dish and a selection of drink. The price varies depending on the dish ordered.

I selected the Sliced Chicken Flat Noodles In Hot Anchovy Soup (清汤鸡丝河粉) for the main dish, but I asked for the dry version instead. I was not sure why they used yellow noodles instead of flat noodles, but nevertheless the meal was quite decent. The dish also came with a bowl of chicken soup, since the noodles was served dry.
As for the drink, I had an iced Milk Tea (奶茶), which was served in a jam jar-like mug. It actually contained less drink than it appeared due to the thick glass walls and the fact that they used lots of ice.
The set meal costed RM6.90 instead of RM9.90 at other times. That's quite worth the money, but it is only available during odd hours.

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