During the Dragon Boat Festival, it is not uncommon for restaurants to promote their glutinous rice dumplings (粽子).

This round, Canton-i (alongside its sister chain restaurant Dragon-i) is offering the Glutinous Rice Dumpling With Red Beans (红豆紫米粽) for RM8.00. Each serving is usually sufficient for one or two persons.
When Canton-i serves a seasonal dish, it really goes through great lengths to ensure perfection. I like the appealing texture of the glutinous rice when I sink my teeth into it. In addition, the red beans are nicely cooked such that they are sufficiently soft, starchy and sweet.

For drinks, we ordered a couple of cups of Hong Kong Tea With Milk (港式奶茶, RM5.50) and a glass of iced Hawaiian Coffee (檀岛咖啡, RM5.50).
We also tried the Barley Bean Curd Skin With Ginkgo And Quail Egg Soup (白果腐竹鹌鹑蛋糖水, RM8.00). This dessert is quite nice and not easy to find elsewhere.

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