Update: This business has ceased its operations.

After the good experience with rice dishes previously, we decided to return and try the noodle dishes instead.

Once again, we selected from the lunch set menu as the prices are more attractive.

Chasyu Mince Shoyu Ramen Set (RM13.30) features minced pork in soy broth. The taste is just reasonable.
As for the Mitsuki Ramen Set (RM11.30), it was originally supposed to be served with udon noodles instead. But the chef was kind enough to change to ramen noodles as requested. This dish featured pork chops instead, and we preferred this over the previous dish.
We also tried the Spicy Chicken & Egg Rice Set (RM13.80). This dish consists of spicy chicken chunks and fried egg served over a bowl of white rice. It turns out to be our favorite because of the good chicken flavor.
The set meals are served Miso Soup, Salad, Watermelon Slice and a choice of drink: either Green Tea or Genmai Tea.
Our consensus is that Japin's strength still lies in its don (rice) dishes, not ramen.

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