Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market is a local Malaysian restaurant chain specializing in grilled and fried finger food. It is named after the Fulton Fish Market in New York, but I doubt that they are related because the latter is actually a wholesale fish market.
The two of us wanted something easier to share, so we summoned for the Fried Giant Platter (RM55.90). Just as the dish is served, the waiter used a blowtorch to "heat up" the food. I think this is just a novelty marketing ploy as the food is already properly cooked. Besides, I dislike the smell of propane in an air-conditioned environment.

The Fried Giant Platter comes with several types of deep-fried ingredients: Calamari (squid), Shrimps, Fish Fingers, Mushrooms and Fries; served over a layer of Garlic Herb Rice.
The Condiments provided are Hot Pepper Sauce, Garlic and Mayonnaise. As this dish can be quite dehydrating, feel free to ask for extra Lemon Slices to drench the food and add some flavor.
Although the Fried Giant Platter is giant indeed, it isn't all that special. The batter is too oily and dry, so it gets unappetizing beyond the first few bytes.

For drinks, we ordered a Vanilla Milkshake (RM9.90) and a glass of Cappuccino (RM7.90). Both are not particularly special.

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