Maxim Dim Sum

Having woken up early today, we decided to reward ourselves by visiting a nearby dim sum restaurant: Maxim Dim Sum (美食之家). It is located in Taman Pekaka, and consists of 2 units of non-air conditioned shop lots. Unlike the cart system, customers have the privilege of exercising their body muscles by placing orders and collecting dim sum dishes at the centralized table.

Of course, there are the old-school standard issues that needs to be included in every dim sum visit: Shrimp Dumpling (虾饺) and Pork Dumpling (猪肉烧卖). Maxim Dim Sum is well-known in Penang for its dim sum taste, so it was not surprising that we enjoyed these dishes.
We also tried the Mushroom Dumping (蘑菇烧卖). It was not as tasty as the pork counterpart, but nevertheless still worth a bite.
Out of curiosity, we also asked for a plate of Cheese Roll (奶酪卷), which came in 3 pieces. It is essentially deep-fried pastry that has been hollowed out for the cheese paste. It's something new, but not something that I will order again.
Last but not least, we had a plate of Fried Radish Cake (萝卜糕) to fill up the remaining space in our stomach.
The breakfast was good and quite affordable. The only concern is the large crowd during the later part of the morning.

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