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Update: This business has ceased its operations.

We were made aware of this humble-looking restaurant on Jalan Burma, so we decided to pay a little visit.
It appears that this restaurant mostly serves Wine Meehoon (香酒米粉), which is rice floor served in milky soup. The soup is flavored using ginger, tomatoes, spring onions, and most importantly, several sprinkles of rice wine.

The most basic order is the Wine Meehoon With Fish Meat (RM6.80). Each bowl contains a reasonable amount of grouper fish meat. We were pleasantly surprised that the few drips of rice wine can greatly enhance the flavor of the dish!
We also ordered the Wine Meehoon With Meatballs (RM8.80). I like the springy texture of the meatballs, but it does not go too well with the soup.
One of us decided to go for the largest selection: Wine Meehoon With Fried Fish And Prawns (RM10.80). The fried fish itself is a bit overcooked, but is still fine when eaten with the soup. On the other hand, the prawns do a great job in sweetening the soup.
For drinks, we ordered a glass of Green Apple Juice (RM2.80), Iced-Blended White Coffee (RM4.00), and Vanilla Milk Shake (RM3.50).

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