Nippon Yataimura

The original Nippon Yataimura outlet is located at Pulau Tikus, George Town. A new outlet has been opened in Queensbay Mall, much to the delight of many diners who reside at the southern end of Penang island.
In Queensbay Mall, Nippon Yataimura (literally "Japanese Food Cart Village") is located at the Lower Ground floor, near one of the car park entrance.

I have heard of its wildly popular dish Gekikara Ramen (激辛らーメン, RM16.00), so I decided to try one myself. In case you are following my blog and have the tendency to run off to the restaurant before reading till the end of this posting, I need to warn you: Gekikara means "extremely spicy" in Japanese. Now that you have been forewarned, feel free to run off if you wish to.
If you are still around, I guess your next question is: How spicy can it really be?

Let me put it this way: There is a spiciness scale of 1 to 40, where 40 is the highest. I chose level 10, and it was by-far the most spicy thing my tongue has ever encountered. I think I must have drank 4-5 glasses of iced water during the ordeal.

But putting spiciness aside, the ramen comes in a large bowl of curry broth. Other ingredients in the broth are a piece of tempura prawn, some squid, clams, mushrooms and several types of vegetables. If I had known earlier, I would have selected level 2-3 to really enjoy this meal.

In addition, I also ordered a serving of Chashu (チャーシュー, RM1.00 per slice). These thin slices of roasted pork are served with some shoyu (soy sauce). I find the marinade really good!
Last but not least, I concluded with a Dragonfruit Smoothie (RM7.90) to congratulate myself after the ordeal. The drink was quite refreshing after literally sweating for over an hour.

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