Qbean is a small store located at the north wing of Queensbay Mall. Due to lack of space, it has a very limited menu, which is mostly soy-based.
The store's banners insist that the soy beans used are non-genetically modified, and the preparation process does not involve any preservatives, coloring and flavoring. The soy milk is also made on a daily basis to maintain freshness.

We ordered an Original Soy Milk (RM2.50). True enough, the drinks tastes very fresh. The texture is also very smooth, yet consistent to give a rich (but not creamy) milky taste.
In addition, we included an order of Ice Blended Chocolate Soy Milk (RM5.90 with pearls). This drink is much more flavorful due to the chocolate taste, and still good nevertheless.
Overall, the prices are pretty reasonable and the soy milk are nice.

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