Red Chopstick

Red Chopstick is a fusion-cuisine restaurant at i-Avenue. It has been around for as long as i-Avenue existed. This means that it must have established a regular customer base.

The storefront looks quite attractive and stands out among the neighboring shops. Once inside, the dining area is also nicely decorated. As the name implies, all chopsticks in the restaurant are red in color. No exceptions!
Red Chopstick's menu is extensive. It has Chinese, Indian, Nyonya, Malay and Thai dishes on its 20+ pages menu.

After much deliberation, I decided to go for the Thai-Style Pandan Leaves Green Curry Fish (泰式香兰叶绿咖哩鱼, RM9.90).
The moment the food landed in front of me, my eyes and nose beat my tongue to the food!
Served on a banana leaf, the green curry fish was so aromatic that I had to resist the attempt to start eating before taking photographs! It looks very good too!
And my tongue could not agree more when it was its turn! The curry is so tasty while the fish meat is just perfect to go with it!

The meal also comes with two Spring Rolls (春卷). They are reasonably good too!
I skipped drinks and opted for dessert instead. Having a sweet tooth, I went for the Cendol Ice (煎堆, RM4.50). For its price, the portion was quite large. Ingredients include pandan jelly (绿色粉条), grass jelly (仙草), attap chee (亚答子).
What a treasure! This is a restaurant worth visiting again!

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