Rou Gu Cha King

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Rou Gu Cha King (肉骨茶王) in Queensbay Mall is among the favorite dining places in Queensbay Mall during weekday lunch hours. It provides a decent and reasonably affordable dining option for working people during the 1-2 hours at noon.

During this visit, we ordered the Original Rou Gu Cha (原味肉骨茶). Unfortunately, the soup does not have the strong herbal flavor that I expect from a good dish. For this type of quality, you can prepare one at home using A1 packets.
The Dry Rou Gu Cha (干肉骨茶) fared much better. I strongly believe that the thick dark sauce and garlic pieces give better flavor to the pork.
Both dishes are part of a set meal. The set includes Youtiao (油条), Dried Bean Curd (豆腐干), Bean Sprouts (豆芽) and Herbal Eggs (茶叶蛋).
We also ordered the Flower Prawn (鲜虾花筒) which comes in a plate of four pieces. Nothing special to shout about.
As for the Deep Fried Spring Roll (美味春卷), we enjoyed this dish better. I just wish that it is less oily.
The set meals also come with Guilinggao (龟苓膏) and Chinese Tea (茶).
My advice is to stick with the dry version of their Rou Gu Cha. The "original" version is just a disappointment.

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