Taipei 101

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Originally the shop lot of Mommy Wang, the business has changed hands and is under under a different franchise now. Like its predecessor, Taipei 101 serves similar Taiwan-styled food.

The main attraction of Taiwanese food is that it appeals to the mainstream crowd. The dishes are usually easy to eat, similar to local cuisine, and quite affordable. I believe this is the selling point of Taipei 101.

We arrived for lunch and ordered a simple meal for two.

First, Japanese Curry Chicken Rice (日式咖哩鸡扒饭, RM10.90) is something special and worth a try. I like how the gravy and potatoes taste together with the chicken fillet.
Before World War II, Formosa (former name of Taiwan) was a Japanese colony. This explains why Taiwanese cuisine retains certain elements of the Japanese's.

Taiwanese Pork Rice (台式猪排饭, RM7.90) is probably more well-known. The meat is done well, not too dry like some other restaurants.
Of course, we cannot claim that we went to a Taiwanese restaurant without ordered a serving of Sweet Potato With Plum Powder (甘梅地瓜, RM4.80). I think I am addicted to it, but I must remind myself that this is deep-fried and nutritionally equivalent to French Fries.
For drinks, we had Papaya Milk Shake (木瓜牛奶, RM4.50) and Champagne Pearl Milk Tea (香槟珍珠奶茶, RM3.90). However, I think it's similar to many other places.

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