Update: This business has ceased its operations.

The Japanese restaurant Tsuruya has 2 outlets in Penang: i-Avenue and E-Gate. Craving for some Japanese food, I dropped by the i-Avenue outlet for dinner today.

The store's facade looks pretty attractive. Inside, one can also appreciate the cozy atmosphere with a neo-modern Japanese touch.
Once settled down and familiarized with the menu, I was particularly attracted to the dinner menu. It lists over 20 substantially different selections of set meals. After much deliberation, I took my chances with the Mini Unadon & Zaru Soba Set (RM32.00).
There are 2 protagonists in this set meal. The first is the Unadon, which is barbecued unagi (Japanese eel) served over a bowl of don (rice). I was glad to make a good choice here: the eel is very tasty and has the juicy texture on each bite.
The other spotlight is the Zaru Soba, cold soba (Japanese noodles) served on a zaru (bamboo tray). Along with the noodles are a small cup of shoyu (soy sauce) and a raw Uzura No Tamago (Japanese quail egg). This dish is quite special and seldom encountered in many mainstream Japanese restaurants.
Other minor dishes in the set are a cup of Chawanmushi, Cabbage Salad, Miso Soup and Fruit (watermelon).
Green Tea is complimentary with any orders.
Overall, the food is decently priced and worth an occasional visit.

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