Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Although a commonplace in Klang Valley, A&W is still relatively new in Penang. This outlet in Gurney Plaza is located at the new wing, away from the main shoppers traffic.

The first item is the combo set for Marina Fish Sandwich (RM12.65). A combo set means that it comes with a frosty mug of Root Beer and regular portion of Fries.
For an extra RM2.00, the Marina Fish Sandwich comes in double patty. The fish fillet are not as thick as advertised, but still tasty nevertheless. There was also a slice of cheddar cheese and a piece of seaweed. Not sure whether the latter was a promotional add-on or part of the double-patty burger.
As for the Chicken Sandwich (RM7.95), the chicken fillet was also tender and nice - by fast food standards.
As for the Grilled Chicken Burger (RM5.95), the taste was not as good as the likes to Burger King or McDonald's. Nevertheless, its lower price still puts A&W in the race.
Root Beer is to A&W as Mickey Mouse is to Disneyland. Somehow, I like the frosty sensation from A&W's Root Beer, which cannot be experienced from a can.

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