Coffee Terrace

Coffee Terrace (咖啡苑) is one of the more popular restaurants in Genting Highlands, mostly due to one reason: It serves buffet.
A word of advice is to arrive as early as possible for a given session, or you will be spending more time queuing up for an available table instead of enjoying your food.

As we woke up early, we decided to head to Coffee Terrace for our morning fix. The place was initially quite empty, but by the end when we left, it was almost full!
The price for buffet breakfast was RM32.00++. This is considered very affordable by Genting standards. The restaurant could have charged RM50.00 but I believe that most people will not be deterred.
In terms of dishes, there were plenty of choices. The serving area is divided in many sections such as "Dim Sum", "Western", "Japanese", "Desserts", "Indian" etc.
As usual, we took a little of everything to minimize the possibility of wastage. Most dishes were tasty, but this could also be attributed to the fact that we were very hungry by then.
Overall, we had a very satisfied breakfast-cum-lunch before heading home.

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