Good Friends

Frequent visitors to Genting Highlands have probably patronized the Good Friends (好友记) restaurant at one time or another. We are not regulars, so this was our first visit to this Chinese restaurant.
There are two sections in the restaurant. The self-service section is free-seating and looks more like a food court; while the table-service section has more extensive menu choices.
We ordered a serving of Claypot Chicken Rice (砂锅鸡饭, RM14.00). We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of braised chicken that came with it. I guess it wasn't as expensive as we thought it would be. The taste was also reasonably good, especially with the Chinese sausage (腊肠) to go with the rice.
We also ordered a bowl of Hakka Mee (客家面, RM12.00). The flat noodles was served with a substantial amount of minced meat, fried egg strips and radish strips. The taste was acceptable.
Finally, we also ordered a serving of Beijing Dumplings (北京饺子, RM6.00). It comes in a plate of four pieces. I think the dumplings are just so-so.
During peak hours, the waiting crew and kitchen can be extremely slow. If you are in a hurry, the self-service session is a better bet.

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