Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Inaka Japanese Restaurant (田舎日本料理) in Pulau Tikus is one of the finer Japanese restaurants outside the large shopping malls, therefore the food is more competitively priced compared to its mall counterparts.
Given the delightful experience previously, we decided to return for lunch today.

From the hot plate menu, we requested the Teppan Salmon (鉄板鮭, RM15.00). This selection comes in a full set: Salad, Chawanmushi (steamed eggs), Miso Soup, Rice and Watermelon.
Thumbs up for the Teppan Salmon (salmon fillet on hot plate). The fillet is quite juicy, while the hot teriyaki sauce adds flavor to the already-buttery meat. It is served while sizzling, so be careful when handling it. Usually, I prefer to wait till the heat subsides for a while before engaging my fragile tongue.

On the other side of the dining table was the Tempura Sashimi (天ぷら刺身, RM22.90). For this price, it is really a good deal: 2 reasonably thick slices of Raw Salmon (鮭), 2 even-thicker slices of White Tuna (白鮪), 2 large Tempura Shrimps, a handful of Tempura Vegetables, Braised Battered Chicken, Salad, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup, Rice and Watermelon. We enjoyed the sashimi the most, but we also need to commend the fine taste of the tempura. Inaka surely knows what fine Japanese food is all about.
Overall, we had a very satisfying lunch that did not burn a deep hole through our wallets.

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