New Orleans Barbecue

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

After a long day of sightseeing in Genting Highlands and card-counting in the casino (believe me, it's not worth the time unless you are a high roller), we retreated to the New Orleans Barbecue restaurant in Genting Hotel. This restaurant is accessible only from the gambling section, not the public area. Therefore, you will not expect to see children as they are not allowed to enter the casino anyway.

The New Orleans Barbecue restaurant had a promotion: With a purchase of a plate of Grilled Chicken (RM26.00) or Grilled Beef (RM26.00), the diner has unlimited access to the salad and soup bar. Coffee is also complementary.
Let me say this: The Grilled Chicken and Grilled Beef are very large and should be enough for an average guy. Each plate is served with barbecue sauce as well as several pieces of fried potato wedges.
Not only is the portion great, but so is the taste! Uncle Lim (Jr.) surely knows how to hire a chef.

As for the Salad, there are around 10 types of ingredients for us to choose from. There are also several types of salad dressing, but my favorite is still the Thousand Island.
The soup of the day is Mushroom Soup. But it is quite watered down and not that impressive.

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