Plus 2

People who are familiar with the Sungai Dua area (Penang island, not mainland) will immediately recognize the blue and yellow storefront of Plus 2 Restaurant (加二餐厅).
This restaurant is most famous for its Deep Fried Chicken In Marmite Sauce (玛蜜酥鸡, RM10.00). I have yet to come across another restaurant that can make this dish better.
This dish consists of a decent amount of deep-fried chicken coated with sweet Marmite sauce, a brand of food paste often used as bread spread. In addition, it includes a baked Chinese bun (馒头). The bun serves a good purpose to "wipe up" the remaining sauce on the plate. By itself, the bun is soft and sweet, while the crust is crispy. With two perfect superstars in one dish, how can they do justice to others?

The Stir Fried Prawns With Butter (奶油虾, RM12.00) begs to differ. Although not considered one of Plus 2 Restaurant's signature dish, it is also worth tasting. The four large shrimps which are coated in a sauce made of butter and salted egg yolk. This makes the dish so addictive to eat!
Instead of white rice, I ordered a plate of Fried Rice In Yong Chew Style (扬州炒饭, RM6.00). The cooking is reasonably good, but it was not the main spotlight for today's dinner.
In summary, Plus 2 Restaurant is a must-go if you are in this area. You wouldn't regret it!


  1. you need to try the "mit gua sei mei lo"... (xxx melon sago dessert)..very good!