Station 1 Cafe

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Station 1 Cafe is one of those places where young, unknown musicians are allowed to perform, in hopes that a music producer is among the audience and offers him/her a contract. For the rest of us, it is just another restaurant.

For lunch, we visited the restaurant in Queensbay Mall, which is at the Ground Floor and just opposite of Starbucks Coffee.

We ordered a plate of Salmon Steak (三文鱼扒, RM19.80) since it looked so attractive. Indeed it did, but the salmon was too dry.
For the Nasi Lemak Special (特色椰浆饭, RM10.90), the dish fared slightly better. The rice was flavored with raisins. It came with a piece of curry chicken, a piece of fish cake, hard-boiled egg, sambal and some vegetables.
We also tried the Fried Fish Ball (炸鱼蛋, RM4.30) but let's just say that we were quite disappointed.
For desserts, we had a Butter Muffin (牛油玛芬, RM3.50) and Chocolate Muffin (巧克力玛芬, RM3.50). The pastry tasted fine, but the portion was too small and expensive for its price.
For drinks, we had a glass of cold Peach Tea (水蜜桃茶, RM5.30) and a glass of Iced Honey Lemon (冰蜂蜜柠檬, RM5.60).
The meal was just so-so. It's not one of our favorites.

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