Taipei 101

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Another casual dinner with colleagues calls for a convenient place nearby. Taipei 101 serves its purpose again.

Firstly, we ordered the Three Cup Chicken Claypot Rice (三杯鸡砂煲饭, RM9.90). The gravy is slightly over-salty, but still reasonable as long as we do not drench the rice with it.
It also comes with a fried egg, a serving of mapo tofu and some rice.

As for the Yong Koi Fei Chicken Noodles (杨贵妃鸡面, RM6.80), it is more enjoyable. The braised chicken drumstick is cooked well and flavorful. The noodles also comes with some minced pork.
In accordance to our "standard practices" in Taiwanese restaurants, we ordered a plate of Sweet Potato With Plum Powder (甘梅地瓜, RM4.80) to share around the table. I wonder why it is so addictive?
For drinks, we ordered the Pearl Milk Tea (招牌珍珠奶茶, RM3.90), Champagne Pearl Milk Tea (香槟珍珠奶茶, RM3.90) and Orange Smoothies (鲜橙奶昔, RM5.90).
Overall, Taipei 101 still lives up to its name as a reasonably-priced Taiwanese eatery, but don't expect anything particularly special here.

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