Victoria Station

There are no train tracks in Penang. But if you want to pretend to ride (and dine) in a train, head over to the Victoria Station at Bayan Baru.
The location of this outlet is peculiar. It is just opposite of Giant, but facing away for it. Therefore, it is unlikely to be noticed from the main roads, unless you came across it in a food blog, or you have a uncontrollable habit of exploring back alleys (like me).
The front of the store is outfitted with a mock locomotive. The dining section really looks like a train carriage, with partitions and windows to give a British atmosphere.
Once we settled down at a quiet corner, we were welcomed with some complimentary Bread & Butter. I liked the bun because it felt rich and soft, not flaky and tasteless.
We also ordered some soup for appetizer: Cream Of Wild Mushroom (RM7.90). The soup was very rich and loaded with mushroom chunks. I had to resist the temptation to order another bowl because the main entree was not served yet!
That was when things took a wrong turn. The Fisherman's Platter (RM23.90) was essentially an assortment of shrimps, fish fillet, scallops, squid and crab stick served with some steak fries and salad sides. The ingredients were fine up to this point, but what ruined the dish was how it was prepared. The deep-frying was obviously using "McDonald's style": Dip everything into boiling oil for N seconds. The seafood freshness was completely wiped out and we ended up eating fast-food quality finger food!
The Victoria Station Fish & Chips (RM19.90) was a bit of a saving grace. The fish fillet was reasonably large and not too overcooked like the previous dish. The tartar sauce was also good. Like the previous dish, it was also served with steak fries and salad.
For drinks, we decided not to intoxicate ourselves tonight. Therefore, we caffeinated our bodies with Iced Coffee (RM5.90) instead.
We did not get to order the more exotic dishes like steaks and lobsters, but that is a plan for another visit.


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    1. Some items were reasonable, while others are... a bit lacking in flavor. :-)