Having a department dinner in evening, I opted for a lighter meal during lunch. This time, my destination is Canton-i in Queensbay Mall.

For my main dish, I had a bowl of Cuttlefish & Mixed Meat Congee (荔湾艇仔粥, RM10.80). In general, I find Cantonese-style congee more suited to my preference. The rice grains have been mashed down, so the congee itself is somewhat homogeneous in consistency. This is in contrast to other types of congee where the rice grains are still present.

Canton-i does not fail to impress me with its congee. There are several pieces of cuttlefish and pork innards in the dish as well. Accompanying the congee is a small serving of Yauhjagwai (oil sticks), cut thinly to allow the congee to blend in.
In lieu of drinks, I ordered a dessert instead: Mixed Fruit Mango Sago Cream (鲜什果捞, RM8.00). I didn't expect the serving to be that huge! This dessert is made of sago milk, served chilled with cutlets of assorted fruits: honeydew, pitaya (dragon fruit), watermelon and most importantly, mango.
I thought I could get away with a light meal, but an underestimation caused me to take a heavy one instead.

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