Cintra Food Corner

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

In Penang, there is no good reason to wait till the Dragon Boat Festival to savor the fragrant and satisfying meal of Chinese dumplings (肉粽). A wise Penangite will just head over to the neighborhood shop at Lebuh Cintra, duly named Cintra Food Corner (日本街肉粽茶餐室).
The good thing about Cintra Food Corner is that they serve delicious (and possibly addictive) dumplings without asking customers to wait for long. The shop is not jam-packed considering its reputation, probably because many people order take-aways. The only obstacle to getting here is the difficulty in finding a legal parking space.

Travel advice: The Penang Municipal Hall issues fines to illegally parked vehicles, regardless whether it is midnight or whether the offender is a half-Penangite.

Back to food... Arguably the most iconic dumpling that they have to offer is the Special Golden Dumpling (双黄加料大肉粽, RM6.00). But since I was dining alone, eating this will spell the end of my eating career for today. Therefore, I opted for the smaller but still satisfying Hokkien Dumpling (福建肉粽, RM3.50).
This sounds unhealthy but is true: The secret to a delicious dumpling is the fatty, oily pork inside! Just pry open the pyramid-shaped dumpling and see how this magic works! The oil from the fats seeps through the glutinous rice to enhance the flavor of the entire dumpling. Once you pick up the fork, there is no good reason to put it down until the last grain of rice is gone!
I also ordered a serving of Famous Yam Cake (驰名芋糕, RM2.20). It is not called "famous" for nothing. The texture of the taro cake is soft and starchy, giving a "light" feeling in the mouth. It is slightly on the expensive side, but when you put the word "famous" in front of something you are trying to sell, the price is pretty justifiable.
Not to forget a simple but elegant dish, Delicious Red Bean Soup (美味甜品红豆沙, RM1.50). Do not be fooled by such a commonplace dessert. Cintra Food Corner does not kid around with the word "delicious". The natural sweetness from the red beans makes the soup a perfect conclusion to a very gratifying yet affordable meal!

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