Once in a blue moon (which isn't really rare when the sky is polluted with dust particles), McDonald's rolls out its McDonald's McDoubles promotion. You got it right: The same burgers from the menu that you know and love, with twice the number of patties.

Therefore, the usual McChicken is now "upgraded" to Double McChicken (2 chicken patties), Filet-O-Fish to Double Filet-O-Fish (2 fish fillet) etc.

I am never a fan of McDonald's, but curiosity got the better of me when this seasonal promotion came along.

The monster that I tackled today was the aptly-named Mega Mac. For the à la carte option (without fries and drink), it was priced at RM10.60 compared to the usual RM8.30.
The Mega Mac is made of 3 layers of sesame bun, 4 grilled beef patties, a slice of cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles and onions. It stands about 8 centimeters tall, but most of the height is just compressible bun.
The Mega Mac is a monster for the Average Joe, but for someone who has battled far worse burger-eating competitions, this is just a piece of cake. Or burger in this case.

The taste was just normal. Same ingredients, same outcome. It seems that McDonald's outlets in Malaysia are very thrifty with their special sauce. As a result, the beef patties were quite dry.

Mega Mac was served in a large cardboard box which says "Size Does Matter". Interpretation of this phrase is rather subjective, so I leave it to you to ponder.
The photo on the top side of the box shows how Mega Mac should ideally look like . The reality couldn't be further from the truth. The lettuce was just messed up. But that was kind of expected, actually.
How's that from a calorie standpoint? You know what, if you have to count calories, the only thing that you can safely consume is the no-sugar no-creamer black coffee.

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