PappaRich is one of the many clones of the OldTown White Coffee business model. It covers the higher end of the "kopitiam" business spectrum. Therefore, its atmosphere is typically more comfortable than its predecessor, at an extra cost to the customers.

This PappaRich outlet at the corner lot of E-Gate is a popular hang-out, despite the fact that it is just several units away from an OldTown outlet.
For my late afternoon lunch, I had Pappa Nasi Lemak With Curry Chicken (RM8.90). The curry chicken thigh was pretty decent and the overall price was quite reasonable.
I also tried the Pappa Bun With Roasted Coconut (RM3.80). I like the coconut fillings that were stuffed in the middle of the soft bread dough.
For my drink, I chose the Soya Milk Cendol With Read Bean (RM5.90). It would be better if it contained less sugar.

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