Pizza Hut

To me, Pizza Hut is less of a pizza parlor and more of a fast food place. Yes, it provides table service, but the service is so poor that it is effectively self-service.

Anyway, we dropped by the outlet in Queensbay Mall. We wanted to try the Meaty Deluxe (RM29.90) set meal which is on promotion. The set meal comes with a regular-sized pizza, 2 bowls of Soup-Of-The-Day, 4 pieces of Garlic Breadstix, and 2 drinks.

For the pizza, we ordered the Chicken Supreme. For RM1.00, the pizza can be upgraded to "cheesy lava stuffed crust", which we did for the heck of it. Apart from its "starfish" shape, we were not all too impressed with the taste. Perhaps the meatballs on the "ears" were something worthwhile the price.
Next came the Soup-Of-The-Day, Garlic Breadstix, and drinks (Pepsi and 7-up Revive). All in all, the food here is "mass-produced", so you can expect how it tastes like.
To wrap things up, we chilled our palate with some ice cream. I ordered the Double Delight (RM3.80) while my partner ordered the Triple Pleasure (RM5.80). Yeah, they look pretty nice on camera, but they are made from cheap Nestle ice cream nevertheless.

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