Queens Food Market

The Queens Food Market in Queensbay Mall offers a decent variety of hawker food at relatively-low prices. I said "relatively" because it cannot be as cheap as curb-side hawker stalls. How else do you think the mall fills its coffers?

The Minced Meat Rice (RM8.90) was a decent staple dish. Basically, this dish was just rice drenched with minced meat gravy, some bean curd and preserved vegetable. The gravy was decently appealing, but the bean curd was quite tasteless.
We also added a serving of Pot Stickers (RM3.90). It came in a plate of five pieces. The taste was quite nice, thanks to the dried shrimp chili paste.
The Sweet & Soup Fish Rice (RM8.90) dish was just so-so. The primary complain was the miserable amount of fish chunks. I was not sure what's the deal with two fried eggs. This was perhaps a misorder.
Our protein intake was supplemented by a serving of Grilled Ray (RM11.50). Being one of the cheapest fish from the ocean, I was not expecting much from the texture of ray flesh. The sauce was just normal, similar to any "ikan bakar" stall you find around your local hawker center.
From the I Love Yoo! (老油鬼鬼) stall, we ordered the Combo Set A (RM3.90), which consisted of a bowl of Porridge (粥) and You Tiau (油条). I particularly like this kind of porridge where the rice grains have disintegrated, giving the porridge a smooth texture.
No porridge is complete without a serving of You Tiau. Personally, I prefer it uncut because I like the sensation of biting the starchy dough. In addition, we ordered a serving of Sweet Potato Balls (番薯蛋, RM3.00).
For drinks, we had some Soya Drinks (豆浆水, RM2.90) from I Love Yoo!. I think it was just normal and slightly overpriced.

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