Queens Food Market

Before catching a late night movie at Queensbay Mall, we headed to the food court to fill our stomach before the 2-hour ordeal later.

From the Little Wok stall, we tried the Spicy Fried Rice (RM7.90). It was served in a small metal skillet, despite the fact that the rice was not fried in it. I think the skillet was just for show, but this failed to impress. The only consolation was the relatively generous portion of rice.
The other dish from another stall was the Grilled Sambal Fish (RM13.50). When the stall does not specify the type of fish used in grills, it is almost certainly ray. No complains about it because it was reasonably well-cooked. The chili paste was also quite spicy, giving it a fiery thrill for the tongue. This dish was also served with water spinach and rice.

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