Queens Food Market

A day-long visit to the Borders bookstore and a late night movie at Queensbay Mall prompted me to have my dinner at the Queens Food Market on level 3.

My choice of the day was the XO Minced Chicken Rice (XO酱肉碎饭, RM6.90) from the i Tasty Taiwanese stall. Usually, this dish is served with noodles instead. However because it was getting late and noodles were sold out, the employee asked if she could substitute with rice instead, which I consented. Normally, you would not see this dish on the menu.
The XO Minced Chicken Rice came in a decent portion. The XO sauce was quite savory, but I would attribute this to the clever addition of MSG. The minced meat was reasonably tender, while the bean curd cubes tasted surprisingly nice.
Besides that, the dish was also served with a small serving of green vegetable and one half boiled egg.

The price was considered reasonable given its location in a popular mall. I would probably return again, most likely for the affordability and convenience rather than taste.

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