Soul Kitchen Trattoria

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Soul Kitchen Trattoria is a cozy dining place in the heart of George Town's old shop-houses district. Owned and operated by a German-Malaysian couple (who are very friendly by the way), it also provides homestay accommodation for backpackers.
A trattoria is an Italian-style cafe that is usually easy-going and has no printed menu. True to its meaning, the daily dish choices in Soul Kitchen Trattoria are simply scribbled on the blackboard. Nice handwriting though.
When Michele (who serves the tables while her husband manages the kitchen) recommended the Cannelloni (RM15.00), I was delighted to go with it. The Cannelloni is a type of elongated pasta baked in a bowl. The dish is covered in cheese fillings and tomato sauce. It is similar in appearance to lasagna.
From the moment I took the first bite, I immediately knew that I made the right choice! The layers of pasta and cheese fillings was so rich in flavor that I did not leave a single crumb in the end.
When I was done with the Cannelloni, I asked for a piece of Cheese Cake (RM8.00). The cake tastes reasonably good, but I wish that the trattoria can do a little more justice to the size of each slice.
For drinks, I had the Fruity Yoghurt (RM7.00). The actual mixture of fruit varies by day. Though I did not ask, I believe it contained pineapples, mangoes and oranges.
Soul Kitchen Trattoria is really a special place to check out when you are in downtown George Town!

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